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Beyond Biometrics: The Future of Authentication
2019-06-03 13h58

As organizations become more and more digitally connected, concerns about secure access seem to loom larger than ever. With more users connecting to more resources, how can organizations ensure people requesting access are who they say they are?  read more

Inside GCHQ's Proposed Backdoor Into End-to-End Encryption
2019-06-03 13h35

The Open Technology Institute (OTI) has responded to GCHQ/NCSC's article on 'Principles for a More Informed Exceptional Access Debate' with an 'Open Letter to GCHQ on the Threats Posed by the Ghost Proposal'. read more

AMCA Breach Hits 12 Million Quest Diagnostics Patients
2019-06-03 13h14

A data breach at billing collections service provider American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) could impact many of the company’s customers. One victim is medical testing firm Quest Diagnostics and roughly 12 million of its patients. read more

GandCrab Ransomware Authors Announce Shut Down
2019-06-03 13h08

The authors of the GandCrab ransomware have reportedly announced on underground forums that they are closing their operation after claiming that they have earned over $150 million a year.  read more

How to install CA certificates in Ubuntu server
2019-06-03 13h08

Having trouble getting CA certificates installed and recognized in Ubuntu Server? Find out how it's done with a few quick commands.

New Attack Targets the Touchscreen of Smartphones, Researchers Reveal
2019-06-03 12h48

A group of researchers has devised a new proof-of-concept attack that targets the touchscreen of Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and allows remote control of the devices.  read more

Smart-TV Bug Allows Rogue Broadcasts
2019-06-03 12h11

An attacker could gain remote access by chaining together an exploit for home routers with the TV flaw.

Lab Testing Firm Eurofins Scientific Hit by Ransomware
2019-06-03 11h04

Luxembourg-based laboratory testing services giant Eurofins Scientific on Monday revealed that some of its IT systems have been infected with a piece of ransomware. read more

GandCrab Ransomware Shutters Its Operations
2019-06-03 10h18

After a year of success, its operators say they earned millions -- and are ready to retire.

IEEE says it may have gone about things the wrong Huawei, lifts ban after US govt clearance
2019-06-03 09h50

Academic outfit U-turns on blacklisting Chinese bogeyman The US-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has lifted its sanctions on Huawei-linked academic reviewers.…

Employees beware: 33% of CEOs will fire you if you cause a cybersecurity breach
2019-06-03 09h17

Despite the risks, 90% of business leaders said they lack the resources to defend against a cyber attack, according to a Nominent report.

Serious Vulnerabilities Found in Kace K1000 Appliance
2019-06-03 09h14

Several vulnerabilities have been found and patched in the Kace K1000 systems management appliance from Quest. read more

Qualys at Infosecurity Europe 2019: Hear best practices from industry leaders
2019-06-03 09h04

There will be no lack of interesting content from Qualys at Infosecurity Europe 2019 this year. Depending on you interests, you might want to make time for some of these talks and presentations. Visit Qualys at stand L100 to hear best practices presentations from industry leaders. Tuesday, June 4 10:00 – 10:15 AM Gain Unprecedented Visibility with Global IT Asset Inventory Cyrus Tata, Technical Account Manager, Qualys The digital transformation and the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat … More → The post Qualys at Infosecurity Europe 2019: Hear best practices from industry leaders appeared first on Help Net Security.

White Label Alliance to provide a new security solution for next generation payment applications
2019-06-03 08h39

Considering global market demand for independent and standardized payment solutions, G+D Mobile Security and IDEMIA want to create the White Label Alliance (WLA) to provide a new security solution for next generation payment applications. The solution will be based on White Label EMV specifications and will enable ready-to-deploy solutions for domestic payment schemes and closed-loop worldwide. The new alliance is a response to the growing global demand for new, next-generation independent payment solutions. By providing … More → The post White Label Alliance to provide a new security solution for next generation payment applications appeared first on Help Net Security.

MacOS Zero-Day Allows Trusted Apps to Run Malicious Code
2019-06-03 08h28

Apple 0-Day allows hackers to mimic mouse-clicks to allow malicious behavior on macOS Majove, despite mitigations.