Security News

Iran Denies Successful Cyber Attacks on Oil Sector
2019-09-21 07h55

Iran denied on Saturday its oil infrastructure had been successfully attacked by a cyber operation, after reports of disruptions to the sector online. read more

Friday Squid Blogging: Piglet Squid
2019-09-20 17h11

Another piglet squid video. As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Read my blog posting guidelines here....

Disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy made me do it, says bloke in Russian court on hacking charges
2019-09-20 17h00

Oh no I didn't, says disgraced ex-Kaspersky guy An accused Russian hacker has claimed Kaspersky's former head of investigations blackmailed him into stealing approximately £150,000 from local banks.…

How to avoid the dreaded Video4Linux flaw in Android
2019-09-20 16h26

With Google dragging its feet on the fix for Video4Linux, you might consider revoking camera permissions for certain apps.

Facebook Removed Tens of Thousands of Apps Post-Cambridge Analytica
2019-09-20 15h48

Facebook said it has suspended and banned tens of thousands of apps on its platform after its investigation, launched after Cambridge Analytica, into how they collect and use data.

Facebook Suspends 'Tens of Thousands' of Apps in Privacy Review
2019-09-20 15h13

Facebook said Friday it suspended "tens of thousands" of apps on its platform as a result of its review on privacy practices launched following the scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. read more

Eight U.S. Cities Impacted in New Series of Click2Gov Breaches
2019-09-20 14h34

More than 20,000 records from eight cities across the United States have been compromised in a new wave of Click2Gov breaches, Gemini Advisory reports. Developed by Superion (now CentralSquare Technologies), Click2Gov provides cities with a self-service bill-pay portal for utilities, community development, and parking tickets. read more

Crown Sterling Claims to Factor RSA Keylengths First Factored Twenty Years Ago
2019-09-20 13h50

Earlier this month I made fun of a company called Crown-Sterling, for...for...for being a company that deserves being made fun of. This morning, the company announced that they "decrypted two 256-bit asymmetric public keys in approximately 50 seconds from a standard laptop computer." Really. They did. This keylength is so small it has never been considered secure. It was too...

Forcepoint VPN Client is Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks
2019-09-20 12h00

Forcepoint has fixed a privilege escalation vulnerability in its VPN Client for Windows.

Bulgarian phishing gang member who lived with his parents jailed for part in £40m fraud ring
2019-09-20 12h00

37-year-old was extradited to Blighty to stand trial A Bulgarian phishing criminal who created fake versions of legitimate companies' websites as part of a £40m fraud has been jailed.…

200,000 Sign Petition Against Equifax Data Breach Settlement
2019-09-20 11h43

200,000 Sign Petition to "Force Equifax to Pay for Their Greed" read more

Governments still struggling to contend with weaponized social media platforms
2019-09-20 11h21

A report from a former NSA operative says countries across the world are still adjusting to the new reality of sophisticated cyberwarfare.

Indonesia, Malaysia Probe Lion Air Customer Data Leak
2019-09-20 11h12

Authorities are probing a customer data leak at Lion Air, Indonesia's communications ministry said Friday, in a breach that reportedly affected millions of the carrier's customers. Two of the airline's subsidiaries, Malaysia-based Malindo Air and Thai Lion Air, acknowledged passenger data may have been stolen from remote servers operated by Amazon. read more

Twitter Closes Thousands of Fake News Accounts Worldwide
2019-09-20 11h05

Twitter said Friday it has closed down thousands of accounts across the world for spreading fake news as well as pro-government propaganda, including in places like the United Arab Emirates, China and Spain. read more

Supply chain actors agree that everyone's a security risk – except themselves, of course
2019-09-20 11h00

Perception is an illusion, grasshopper Security surveys tend to confirm what we already knew a few months ago and the 2019 Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey (PDF) from Marsh and Microsoft does not disappoint.…