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Webinar: Defending account takeovers at Remitly
2019-02-19 12h51

Account Takeover attacks don’t follow conventional attack patterns – they look, act, and feel like legitimate users. Without the right tooling, visibility into your environment, and intimate understanding of your users, defending against Account Takeover attacks (ATOs) can be extremely difficult. Worse yet, if done incorrectly, defending against ATOs can end up impacting legitimate users and traffic. There are ways to make defending these attacks much easier. This webinar (registration required) with guest Kevin Hanaford, … More → The post Webinar: Defending account takeovers at Remitly appeared first on Help Net Security.

Estonia's Volunteer Cyber Militia
2019-02-19 12h36

Interesting -- although short and not very detailed -- article about Estonia's volunteer cyber-defense militia. Padar's militia of amateur IT workers, economists, lawyers, and other white-hat types are grouped in the city of Tartu, about 65 miles from the Russian border, and in the capital, Tallinn, about twice as far from it. The volunteers, who've inspired a handful of similar...

Suspected State-Sponsored Hackers Pummel US and Australia
2019-02-19 12h18

As Diplomacy Fails, China and Iran Escalate Hack AttacksRecent apparently state-sponsored hack attacks have hit dozens of companies in the U.S. and political parties in Australia. Officials say China and Iran appear to have escalated their online espionage campaigns, seeking to gather better intelligence and steal intellectual property.

Trump Administration Starts the Ball Rolling with the National Cyber Strategy
2019-02-19 12h11

The topic of cybersecurity won’t go away. Like national security in general, it will remain eternal fodder for future politicians to bat around

If you think your deleted Twitter DMs are sliding into the trash, you’re wrong
2019-02-19 11h53

They're never deleted, just erased from the UI. You can still see archived messages if you download your data.

Facebook acts like a law-breaking ‘digital gangster’, says official report
2019-02-19 11h47

Facebook considers itself to be “ahead of and beyond the law,” UK lawmakers said in a report about "disinformation and 'fake news.'"

Fake text generator is so good its creators don’t want to release full version
2019-02-19 11h39

OpenAI has created what amounts to a text version of a deepfake - and it’s too scared for humanity to release the full version.

IT security incidents affecting German critical infrastructure are on the rise
2019-02-19 10h59

The number of IT security incidents reported by critical infrastructure companies in Germany has soared. In 2017, the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) received 145 such reports from critical infrastructure providers. In the second half of 2018 alone that number reached 157, Welt am Sonntag reports. Reporting requirements The BSI is the federal agency charged with managing computer and communication security for the German government, as well as monitoring the security … More → The post IT security incidents affecting German critical infrastructure are on the rise appeared first on Help Net Security.

How RSA Conference 2019 brings diverse security professionals together
2019-02-19 10h13

With RSA Conference 2019 USA just two weeks away, we asked Sandra Toms, Vice President and Curator, RSA Conference, to tell us more about the challenges involved in developing a broad educational resource for information security professionals the event is known for. Read the Q&A to discover how the conference brings security professionals together, what you can expect at this year’s event, and what RSA Conference plans for the future. The information security industry has … More → The post How RSA Conference 2019 brings diverse security professionals together appeared first on Help Net Security.

LPG Gas Company Leaked Details, Aadhaar Numbers of 6.7 Million Indian Customers
2019-02-19 09h18

Why would someone bother to hack a so-called "ultra-secure encrypted database that is being protected behind 13 feet high and 5 feet thick walls," when one can simply fetch a copy of the same data from other sources. French security researcher Baptiste Robert, who goes by the pseudonym "Elliot Alderson" on Twitter, with the help of an Indian researcher, who wants to remain anonymous,