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an hour agoWhat has the Necurs botnet been up to?
The Necurs botnet has been slowly growing since late 2012 and still tops the list of largest spam botnets in the world. Since then, the botnet has occasionally stopped or temporarily minimized the sen...
16 minutes agoNew Dridex Variant Emerges With An FTP Twist
A recently discovered Dridex campaign had a few peculiar characteristics, including the use of FTP instead of HTTP....

24 minutes agoMalicious Chrome extension is next to impossible to manually remove
Extensions remain the Achilles heel for an otherwise highly secure browser....
an hour agoOnePlus confirms up to 40,000 customers affected by Credit Card Breach
OnePlus has finally confirmed that its online payment system was breached, following several complaints of fraudulent credit card transactions from its customers who made purchases on the company's of...
an hour agoResearchers uncover mobile, PC surveillance platform tied to different nation-state actors
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and mobile security company Lookout have uncovered a new malware espionage campaign that has targeted activists, journalists, lawyers, military personnel, and ...
2 hours agoApple Preps ChaiOS iMessage Bug Fix, Report
A so-called ‘text bomb’ flaw in Apple’s iPhone and Mac computers that causes devices to crash or restart will be patched next week, according to multiple sources....
2 hours agoMan Admits to DDoS-ing Employers, Competitors
A New Mexico man admitted in court this week to launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against the websites of former employers, business competitors, and public services....
2 hours agoBuilding a CSOC: Keys to Success
When building a next-generation cybersecurity operations center, or CSOC, organizations must first understand their attack profile and determine the scope of threat monitoring needed, says Jagdeep Sin...

3 hours agoMisconfigured Jenkins Servers Leak Sensitive Data
A researcher has conducted an analysis of Jenkins servers and found that many of them leak sensitive information, including ones belonging to high-profile companies. London-based researcher Mikail Tun...

4 hours agoBlockchain for Identity Management: It's Years Away
Why It Doesn't Fix Long-Running Access Management ProblemsTechnologists are wrangling with an identity puzzle: Is it possible to create a single digital identity that can be seamlessly and securely us...

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