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an hour agoSyniverse launches global private network
Syniverse announced the launch of Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private, secure, global network that provides the foundation for businesses to reliably safeguard mission-critical data in the age o...

3 hours agoAndroid Gets New Anti-Spoofing Feature to Make Biometric Authentication Secure
Google just announced its plan to introduce a new anti-spoofing feature for its Android operating system that makes its biometric authentication mechanisms more secure than ever. Biometric authentica...
3 hours agoSneaky Web Tracking Technique Under Heavy Scrutiny by GDPR
Don’t expect tracking methods such as browser fingerprinting to disappear anytime soon, even with GDPR, warns the EFF....
3 hours agoEmployees Suspended for Alleged Record Snooping
Tragic Case Spotlights Challenges in Detecting Insider IncidentsA health system's decision to reportedly suspend about a dozen employees for apparently snooping at health records related to the tragic...
4 hours agoIsraeli government weighs in on Facebook privacy, promises action
Intelligence boss whines about smartphone privacy Facebook - already kicked around the block by politicians in the US and Europe over privacy in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal - has come ...
4 hours agoWant to know what all that Fortnite hype is about? Whoa, Android fans – mind how you go
Malware writers preying on the game-curious with fake apps With online gaming hit Fornite set to make its debut on Android, malware writers are already playing on the game's hype to ensnare victims......
5 hours agoFinancial Services Sector Rife with Hidden Tunnels
Attackers use the approach to look like legitimate traffic and hide data exfiltration in plain sight....
6 hours agoWhy we might see more spam and phishing post-GDPR
IBM Security's Caleb Barlow explained the unintended consequences of the GDPR, and how the regulation removed essential data security professionals rely on to do their job....
6 hours agoThe best Windows 10 enterprise security solutions, according to AV-TEST
See how 16 client-server security solutions for Windows 10 rank based on AV-TEST research....

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