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Arctic Wolf raises $200M to introduce new security offerings and address new markets

2020-10-22 23:15

Arctic Wolf announced it has raised $200 million in Series E funding at a valuation of $1.3...

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Sym raises $9M to expand its engineering team and scale sales and marketing operations

2020-10-22 23:00

Sym announced it raised $9 million in a Series A funding round led by Amplify Partners, rapidly...

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Deep Instinct appoints Heather Bellini as CFO

2020-10-22 22:45

Deep Instinct announced that Heather Bellini will join as CFO. Bellini was formerly a managing...

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Steven Gatoff joins Absolute as Chief Financial Officer

2020-10-22 22:30

Absolute announced the appointment of Steven Gatoff as Chief Financial Officer, effective...

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The Now-Defunct Firms Behind 8chan, QAnon

2020-10-22 21:48

Some of the world's largest Internet firms have taken steps to crack down on disinformation...

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How to create a new user with admin privileges on Linux

2020-10-22 20:34

Adding a user with admin privileges on Linux is easier than you think. Jack Wallen shows you how.

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NVIDIA patches high severity GeForce Experience vulnerabilities

2020-10-22 19:01

NVIDIA released a security update for the Windows NVIDIA GeForce Experience (GFE) app to address...

Vulnerabilities by Risk level (Last 12 months)

Risk level Last 12 months #
Critical 1075
High 3118
Medium 11706
Low 2603

Vulnerabilities by Vendor (Last 12 months)

Vendor Last 12 months #
Microsoft 1125
Google 1243
Apple 418
IBM 507
Cisco 544

Latest Vulnerabilities

  • CVE-2020-24377 0.0

    A DNS rebinding vulnerability in the Freebox OS web interface in Freebox Server before 4.2.3.

  • CVE-2020-24376 0.0

    A DNS rebinding vulnerability in the UPnP IGD implementations in Freebox Server before 4.2.3.

  • CVE-2020-24374 0.0

    A DNS rebinding vulnerability in Freebox HD before 1.5.29.

  • CVE-2020-24373 0.0

    A CSRF vulnerability in the UPnP MediaServer implementation in Freebox Server before 4.2.3.

  • CVE-2020-20406 0.0

    A stored XSS vulnerability exists in the Custom Link Attributes control Affect function in Elementor Page Builder 2.9.2 and earlier versions. It is caused by inadequate filtering on the link...


Latest Critical Vulnerabilities