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NSA: We 'don't know when or even if' a quantum computer will ever be able to break today's public-key encryption
2021-09-01 18:21

America's National Security Agency has published an FAQ about quantum cryptography, saying it does not know "When or even if" a quantum computer will ever exist to "Exploit" public-key cryptography. In the document, titled Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography FAQ, the NSA said it "Has to produce requirements today for systems that will be used for many decades in the future." With that in mind, the agency came up with some predictions [PDF] for the near future of quantum computing and their impact on encryption.

How safe is a quantum-safe virtual private network?
2021-08-25 13:34

Verizon said it is testing how a quantum-safe virtual private network can enhance the protection of data now in order to thwart hackers in the future. "Theoretically, hackers could capture data riding on networks today and store it until quantum computers have the power to break the encryption. It's a little like stealing a bank safe today and holding on to it until someone discovers how to pick the lock,'' the carrier said in a statement. Verizon and others believe the key to safeguarding information will be a quantum-safe VPN.".

Arqit QuantumCloud 1.0 secures devices with cloud-based quantum encryption
2021-08-03 02:30

Arqit released the first version of its service, QuantumCloud 1.0. This Platform‑as‑a‑Service software enables customers to secure the communications channels and data of any cloud, edge or...

Confidence that quantum computers will solve major problems has soared
2021-08-02 02:30

Confidence that quantum computers will solve major problems that are beyond the reach of traditional computers-a milestone known as quantum advantage-has grown fast in the past twelve months, according to a new report by Boston Consulting Group. Investors are moving aggressively to increase the amount they allocate to quantum computing, with two-thirds of all equity investments in the field coming since 2018.

Quantum computing market is anticipated to surge over the next decade
2021-07-26 03:00

As per the findings of a revised market research by Persistence Market Research, the worldwide quantum computing market insight reached a valuation of around $5.6 billion in 2020, and is anticipated to surge at a CAGR of 33.7% over the next ten years. Major companies are developing quantum computers focused on delivering free access to their quantum systems through cloud platforms, with the objective of creating awareness and a community for developers working on quantum computing technology.

Mitigating Threats to Encryption From Quantum and Bad Random
2021-07-20 10:47

These two threats already combine to make common encryption less secure than we like to believe and with the power of quantum computing, it will only get worse. Shor's algorithm can use quantum computing to factor large RSA numbers exponentially faster than any other method and it doesn't require a full-scale general purpose quantum computer.

Qrypt Quantum Data at Rest app offers secure data storage with one-time pad encryption
2021-07-16 02:30

Qrypt unveiled its Quantum Data at Rest application. QDAR provides one-time pad encryption as a data-at-rest solution for companies to secure important files, proprietary information and all mission-critical data.

SES-led consortium defines quantum communication infrastructure for Europe
2021-07-13 23:45

The Luxembourg's Quantum Communications Infrastructure project, coordinated by the Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy of the Luxembourg Ministry of State, and supported by the European Space Agency and the Luxembourg Space Agency under the Luxembourg National LuxIMPULSE programme, will create a secure communications shield against cyber threats based on quantum technology. To design the LuxQCI, Luxembourg has put in place a consortium comprising InCert, itrust consulting, LuxConnect, LuxTrust and the University of Luxembourg, that is led by SES's fully-owned affiliate SES Techcom.

ADVA FSP 3000 ConnectGuard protects data against cyberattacks from quantum computers
2021-07-09 00:30

ADVA launched an optical transport solution secured by post-quantum cryptography. The FSP 3000 ConnectGuard optical encryption solution now protects data against cyberattacks from quantum computers that could break today's cryptographic algorithms.

Quantum Key Distribution: Is it as secure as claimed and what can it offer the enterprise?
2021-07-06 08:30

Quantum security expert, mathematician and security researcher Dr Mark Carney explains there "Are a few fundamental requirements for QKD to work between Alice and Bob, these being a quantum key exchange protocol to guarantee the key exchange has a level of security, a quantum and classical channel between A and B, and the relevant hardware and control software for A and B to enact the protocol we started with." "They've had a lot of scrutiny, but they are generally considered to be solid protocols," Dr Carney says, "And when you see people claiming that 'quantum key exchange is totally secure and unhackable' there are a few things that are meant: that the key length is good, the protocol can detect someone eavesdropping on the quantum channel and the entropy of the system gives unpredictable keys, and the use of quantum states to encode these means they are tamper-evident."