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Apple Announces Post-Quantum Encryption Algorithms for iMessage
2024-02-26 12:04

Apple announced PQ3, its post-quantum encryption standard based on the Kyber secure key-encapsulation protocol, one of the post-quantum algorithms selected by NIST in 2022. There's a lot of detail in the Apple blog post, and more in Douglas Stabila's security analysis.

Apple adds PQ3 quantum-resistant encryption to iMessage
2024-02-24 16:04

Apple is adding to the iMessage instant messaging service a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol named PQ3, designed to defend encryption from quantum attacks. Quantum computing threatens the existing encryption schemas with nearly instant cracking.

Researchers Detail Apple's Recent Zero-Click Shortcuts Vulnerability
2024-02-23 05:05

Details have emerged about a now-patched high-severity security flaw in Apple's Shortcuts app that could permit a shortcut to access sensitive information on the device without users' consent. The...

Apple Unveils PQ3 Protocol - Post-Quantum Encryption for iMessage
2024-02-22 16:25

Apple has announced a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol called PQ3 that it said will be integrated into iMessage to secure the messaging platform against future attacks arising from the...

Apple promises to protect iMessage chats from quantum computers
2024-02-21 21:09

Apple says it's going to upgrade the cryptographic protocol used by iMessage to hopefully prevent the decryption of conversations by quantum computers, should those machines ever exist in a meaningful way. The protocol, dubbed PQ3, is intended to safeguard users' chats in some future era of quantum computing, when these computers may be able to break classical encryption methods and render today's messaging security obsolete.

Fraudsters tried to scam Apple out of 5,000 iPhones worth over $3 million
2024-02-21 20:27

Two Chinese nationals face 20 years in prison after being caught and convicted of submitting over 5,000 fake iPhones worth more than $3 million to Apple with the goal of having them replaced with genuine devices. Apple offers a one-year warranty for new iPhones, enabling customers to return malfunctioning devices to Apple or authorized resellers for a replacement.

Alert: New Stealthy "RustDoor" Backdoor Targeting Apple macOS Devices
2024-02-10 07:12

Apple macOS users are the target of a new Rust-based backdoor that has been operating under the radar since November 2023.The backdoor codenamed “RustDoor” by Bitdefender, has been found to impersonate an update for Microsoft Visual Studio and target both Intel and Arm architectures.

Fake LastPass lookalike made it into Apple App Store
2024-02-08 21:59

A screenshot of the fake LastPass app in the Apple App store. "Upon seeing the fake 'LassPass' app in the Apple App store, LastPass immediately began a coordinated and multi-faceted approach across our threat intelligence, legal and engineering teams to get the fraudulent app removed," Christofer Hoff, chief secure technology officer for LastPass, told The Register Thursday.

Fake LastPass password manager spotted on Apple’s App Store
2024-02-08 17:02

LastPass is warning that a fake copy of its app is being distributed on the Apple App Store, likely used as a phishing app to steal users' credentials. As LastPass is used to store very sensitive information, such as authentication secrets and credentials, the app was likely created to act as a phishing app and steal credentials.

LassPass is not LastPass: Fraudulent app on Apple App Store
2024-02-08 14:53

A fraudulent app named "LassPass Password Manager" that mimics the legitimate LastPass mobile app can currently be found on Apple's App Store, the password manager maker is warning. "The app in question is called 'LassPass Password Manager' and lists Parvati Patel as the developer. The app attempts to copy our branding and user interface, though close examination of the posted screenshots reveal misspellings and other indicators the app is fraudulent," says Mike Kosak, Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst at LastPass.