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About Vumetric

Vumetric is a privately held ISO 9001 certified company specialized in cybersecurity. With several hundreds of projects to our credit and the ongoing support of our clients, we have refined a unique approach that has benefited private businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our personalized services have set us apart from the competition since 2007; thanks to a practical and hands-on approach, high-level expertise and innovative solutions. We proudly help our clients stay proactive in the face of ever-growing IT risks and threats. By choosing Vumetric for your IT Security needs, you’ll benefit from the highest quality services and expertise in a fast-paced and complex field.

Vumetric is an authorized user of the CERT Mark

CERT-Vumetric is an official and licensed Computer emergency response team (CERT). "CERT" is a registered trademark owned by Carnegie Mellon University. Computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) share the SEI's commitment to improving the security of networks connected to the Internet may apply for authorization to use the "CERT" mark in their names. This site results of our involvment in the cybersecurity community and ultimately allows an effective transfer of informations among security specialists.