Security News

Microsoft will limit Exchange Online bulk emails to fight spam
2024-04-15 19:11

Microsoft has announced plans to fight spam by imposing a daily Exchange Online bulk email limit of 2,000 external recipients starting January 2025.Exchange Online doesn't support sending bulk or high volumes of emails from a single account, and until now, Microsoft has not placed any restrictions on bulk emails.

Microsoft breach allowed Russian spies to steal emails from US government
2024-04-12 14:37

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Security Vulnerability of HTML Emails
2024-04-08 11:03

The email your manager received and forwarded to you was something completely innocent, such as a potential customer asking a few questions. The innocent pretext disappeared and the real phishing email became visible.

How malicious email campaigns continue to slip through the cracks
2024-04-08 04:00

In this Help Net Security video, Josh Bartolomie, VP of Global Threat Services at Cofense, discusses how email will remain a target as long as it remains the predominant form of communication within a business. Cofense researchers have found that malicious email threats bypassing secure email gateways increased over 100% in the past year.

Microsoft warns Gmail blocks some Outlook email as spam, shares fix
2024-04-02 22:09

Microsoft has confirmed that some users are experiencing issues with emails being blocked and marked as spam when trying to email Gmail accounts. Until the Team can address this newly acknowledged issue, Microsoft advises impacted users to add an alias to their accounts and email Gmail contacts using that alias.

Google now blocks spoofed emails for better phishing protection
2024-04-01 20:29

Google has started automatically blocking emails sent by bulk senders who don't meet stricter spam thresholds and authenticate their messages as required by new guidelines to strengthen defenses against spam and phishing attacks. Non-compliance may result in email delivery issues, including rejected emails or emails being automatically sent to recipients' spam folders.

Tech trade union confirms cyberattack behind IT, email outage
2024-03-25 15:31

In what was originally being called a serious IT outage at the end of last week, the union confirmed to The Register today that the incident is now being treated as an attack, the full extent of which is still being assessed. The CWU told us on March 22 that its email services weren't working and that it has engaged third-party cybersecurity experts who have been on site since 0900 UTC on March 21.

US organizations targeted with emails delivering NetSupport RAT
2024-03-22 12:48

Employees at US-based organizations are being targeted with emails delivering NetSupport RAT malware via "Nuanced" exploitation and by using an advanced detection evasion method. The phishing emails prompts recipients to download an attached Office Word file to view their "Monthly salary report".

Spa Grand Prix email account hacked to phish banking info from fans
2024-03-20 20:02

Hackers hijacked the official contact email for the Belgian Grand Prix event and used it to lure fans to a fake website promising a €50 gift voucher. The Spa Gran Prix is a Formula 1 World Championship race held at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Stavelot, Belgium.

Ukraine Arrests Trio for Hijacking Over 100 Million Email and Instagram Accounts
2024-03-20 06:48

The Cyber Police of Ukraine has arrested three individuals on suspicion of hijacking more than 100 million emails and Instagram accounts from users across the world. The suspects, aged between 20...