Security News

SolarWinds Patches 8 Critical Flaws in Access Rights Manager Software
2024-07-19 07:13

SolarWinds has addressed a set of critical security flaws impacting its Access Rights Manager software that could be exploited to access sensitive information or execute arbitrary code. Of the 11 vulnerabilities, seven are rated Critical in severity and carry a CVSS score of 9.6 out of 10.0.

SolarWinds fixes 8 critical bugs in access rights audit software
2024-07-18 15:51

SolarWinds has fixed eight critical vulnerabilities in its Access Rights Manager software, six of which allowed attackers to gain remote code execution on vulnerable devices. Access Rights Manager is a critical tool in enterprise environments that helps admins manage and audit access rights across their organization's IT infrastructure to minimize threat impact.

Critical Splunk flaw can be exploited to grab passwords (CVE-2024-36991)
2024-07-18 14:51

A recently fixed vulnerability affecting Splunk Enterprise on Windows "Is more severe than it initially appeared," according to SonicWall's threat researchers. Splunk Enterprise is a data analytics and monitoring platform that allows organization to collect and analyze machine-generated data from a variety of sources, such as network and security devices, servers, etc.

Critical Cisco bug lets hackers add root users on SEG devices
2024-07-18 12:48

Cisco has fixed a critical severity vulnerability that lets attackers add new users with root privileges and permanently crash Security Email Gateway appliances using emails with malicious attachments. "This vulnerability is due to improper handling of email attachments when file analysis and content filters are enabled. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to replace any file on the underlying file system," Cisco explained.

Cisco fixes critical flaws in Secure Email Gateway and SSM On-Prem (CVE-2024-20401, CVE-2024-20419)
2024-07-18 09:02

Cisco has fixed two critical vulnerabilities that may allow attackers to overwrite files on its Secure Email Gateways and change the password of any user on its Smart Software Manager On-Prem license servers. Cisco Secure Email Gateways aim to protect businesses against emails laden with malware, malicious links and scams, and against exfiltration of sensitive data via email.

Cisco Warns of Critical Flaw Affecting On-Prem Smart Software Manager
2024-07-18 06:01

Cisco has released patches to address a maximum-severity security flaw impacting Smart Software Manager On-Prem that could enable a remote, unauthenticated attacker to change the password of any users, including those belonging to administrative users. "An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending crafted HTTP requests to an affected device. A successful exploit could allow an attacker to access the web UI or API with the privileges of the compromised user."

Ransomware continues to pile on costs for critical infrastructure victims
2024-07-17 15:01

Costs associated with ransomware attacks on critical national infrastructure organizations skyrocketed in the past year. There's a good chance that the numbers would be skewed if 100 percent of the total CNI ransomware victims polled were entirely transparent with their figures.

Critical Apache HugeGraph Vulnerability Under Attack - Patch ASAP
2024-07-17 05:25

Threat actors are actively exploiting a recently disclosed critical security flaw impacting Apache HugeGraph-Server that could lead to remote code execution attacks. It has been described as a remote command execution flaw in the Gremlin graph traversal language API. "Users are recommended to upgrade to version 1.3.0 with Java11 and enable the Auth system, which fixes the issue," the Apache Software Foundation noted in late April 2024.

CISA warns critical Geoserver GeoTools RCE flaw is exploited in attacks
2024-07-16 22:14

CISA is warning that a critical GeoServer GeoTools remote code execution flaw tracked as CVE-2024-36401 is being actively exploited in attacks. On June 30th, GeoServer disclosed a critical 9.8 severity remote code execution vulnerability in its GeoTools plugin caused by unsafely evaluating property names as XPath expressions.

Critical Exim vulnerability facilitates malware delivery (CVE-2024-39929)
2024-07-15 11:03

The maintainers of the Exim mail transfer agent have fixed a critical vulnerability that currently affects around 1.5 million public-facing servers and can help attackers deliver malware to users. CVE-2024-39929 affects Exim releases up to and including 4.97.1, and has been fixed in Exim v4.98, which was released last week.