Security News

VMware fixes critical vCenter RCE vulnerability, patch now
2024-06-18 18:08

VMware has issued a security advisory addressing critical vulnerabilities in vCenter Server, including remote code execution and local privilege escalation flaws. VMware vCenter Server is a central management platform for VMware vSphere, enabling the management of virtual machines and ESXi hosts.

Critical RCE flaws in vCenter Server fixed (CVE-2024-37079, CVE-2024-37080)
2024-06-18 09:03

VMware by Broadcom has fixed two critical vulnerabilities affecting VMware vCenter Server and products that contain it: vSphere and Cloud Foundation."A malicious actor with network access to vCenter Server may trigger these vulnerabilities by sending a specially crafted network packet potentially leading to remote code execution," the company said, but noted that they are currently not aware of them being exploited "In the wild".

Microsoft fixes RCE vulnerabilities in MSMQ, Outlook (CVE-2024-30080, CVE-2024-30103)
2024-06-11 19:49

June 2024 Patch Tuesday is here and Microsoft has delivered fixes for a critical MSMQ flaw and a RCE vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook. CVE-2024-30080 is a use after free flaw affecting Microsoft Message Queuing and can be exploited by unauthenticated attackers by sending a specially crafted malicious MSMQ packet to a MSMQ server.

Microsoft June 2024 Patch Tuesday fixes 51 flaws, 18 RCEs
2024-06-11 17:31

Today is Microsoft's June 2024 Patch Tuesday, which includes security updates for 51 flaws, eighteen remote code execution flaws, and one publicly disclosed zero-day vulnerability. This Patch Tuesday fixed 18 RCE flaws but only one critical vulnerability, a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Message Queuing.

TellYouThePass ransomware exploits recent PHP RCE flaw to breach servers
2024-06-11 14:25

The TellYouThePass ransomware gang has been exploiting the recently patched CVE-2024-4577 remote code execution vulnerability in PHP to deliver webshells and execute the encryptor payload on target systems. TellYouThePass ransomware is known for quickly jumping on public exploits for vulnerabilities with a wide impact.

Week in review: Atlassian Confluence RCE PoC, new Kali Linux, Patch Tuesday forecast
2024-06-09 08:00

High-risk Atlassian Confluence RCE fixed, PoC availableIf you're self-hosting an Atlassian Confluence Server or Data Center installation, you should upgrade to the latest available version to fix a high-severity RCE flaw for which a PoC and technical details are already public. Kali Linux 2024.2 released: 18 new tools, countless updatesKali Linux 2024.2 is now available.

PHP fixes critical RCE flaw impacting all versions for Windows
2024-06-07 14:32

A new PHP for Windows remote code execution vulnerability has been disclosed, impacting all releases since version 5.x, potentially impacting a massive number of servers worldwide. The new RCE flaw tracked as CVE-2024-4577, was discovered by Devcore Principal Security Researcher Orange Tsai on May 7, 2024, who reported it to the PHP developers.

POC exploit code published for 9.8-rated Apache HugeGraph RCE flaw
2024-06-07 01:16

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Zyxel issues emergency RCE patch for end-of-life NAS devices
2024-06-04 17:28

Zyxel Networks has released an emergency security update to address three critical vulnerabilities impacting older NAS devices that have reached end-of-life. Although both NAS models reached the end of their support period on December 31, 2023, Zyxel released fixes for the three critical flaws in versions 5.21(AAZF.17)C0 for NAS326 and 5.21(ABAG.14)C0 for NAS542.

PoC for Progress Telerik RCE chain released (CVE-2024-4358, CVE-2024-1800)
2024-06-04 14:39

Security researchers have published a proof-of-concept exploit that chains together two vulnerabilities to achieve unauthenticated remote code execution on Progress Telerik Report Servers. Telerik Report Server is a centralized enterprise platform for report creation, management, storage and delivery/distribution.