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8-month suspended sentence for script kiddie who DDoS'd Labour candidate in runup to 2019 UK general election
2021-06-30 14:02

A British script kiddie who DDoS'd a Labour Party parliamentary candidate's website in the runup to the last general election has been banned from using the Tor browser. Bradley Niblock, formerly the operator of the UGLegion Twitter account, pleaded guilty to two Computer Misuse Act crimes after being tracked down by Cumbria Police.

Andrew Appel on New Hampshire’s Election Audit
2021-06-15 15:45

Really interesting two part analysis of the audit conducted after the 2020 election in Windham, New Hampshire. Based on preliminary reports published by the team of experts that New Hampshire...

US Cyber Experts Conducted Operations to Safeguard Election
2021-03-25 17:09

The U.S. Cyber Command conducted more than two dozen operations aimed at preventing interference in last November's presidential election, the general who leads the Pentagon's cyber force said Thursday. He said his command's operations were designed "To get ahead of foreign threats before they interfered with or influenced our elections in 2020.".

U.S. Says Russia, Iran Attempted Interference in 2020 Presidential Election
2021-03-18 12:30

A declassified joint report from several United States agencies assesses that Russian and Iranian threat actors did attempt to meddle in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, but claims that the technical integrity of the voting process wasn't affected. The joint report is meant to provide information on the extent to which foreign actors attempted interference with the 2020 U.S. elections, along with details on whether these adversaries targeted political organizations, campaigns, or election candidates, and an assessment on whether the attacks were able to successfully compromise the targeted infrastructure.

US Office of National Intelligence says Russia, Iran tried to mess with 2020 elections, China sat it out
2021-03-17 02:57

The USA's Office of National Intelligence today released its previously classified assessment of "Foreign Threats to the 2020 US Federal Elections" and found "Some successful compromises of state and local government networks prior to Election Day-as well as a higher volume of unsuccessful attempts". It's described as the intelligence community's collective assessment of attempts to disrupt the 2020 election and to contain "Analytic judgments identical to those in the classified version" but without "Full supporting information" or information on "Specific intelligence reports, sources , or methods."

Report Highlights Cyber Risks to US Election Systems
2021-02-12 13:19

Election systems in the U.S. are vulnerable to cyber intrusions similar to the one that hit federal agencies and numerous businesses last year and remain a potential target for foreign hacking, according to a report released Wednesday. The report by the Center for Internet Security, a nonprofit that partners with the federal government on election security initiatives, focuses on how hardware and software components can provide potential entryways for hackers.

Nomination Committee of Securitas proposes election of Jan Svensson as Chair of the Board of Directors
2021-02-08 23:30

The Nomination Committee of Securitas proposes the election of Jan Svensson as the new Chair of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting on 5 May 2021. The Committee also proposes the election of Gunilla Fransson, Harry Klagsbrun and Johan Menckel as new members of the Board.

Vote machine biz Smartmatic sues Fox News and Trump chums for $2.7bn over bogus claims of rigged 2020 election
2021-02-05 02:41

Electronic voting machine maker Smartmatic has sued Fox News, three of its hosts, and two of Donald Trump's loyalists - Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell - for an eye-popping $2.7bn in defamation damages over the false claims it stole the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden. The voting tech biz, in its court filing, said Fox News broadcast entirely bogus claims that Smartmatic's devices were engineered to secretly swing vote counts in Biden's favor in US states where the results were close.

More on the Security of the 2020 US Election
2020-11-23 12:44

Last week I signed on to two joint letters about the security of the 2020 election. At a minimum, all states should employ election security practices and mechanisms recommended by experts to increase assurance in election outcomes, such as post-election risk-limiting audits.

Trump fires cybersecurity boss Chris Krebs for doing his job: Securing the election and telling the truth about it
2020-11-18 01:52

President Donald Trump tonight fired the boss of the US government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the very organisation his administration formed with the aim of shoring up America's computer networks from hackers. The Trump 2020 campaign and the Tweeter-in-Chief both challenge that assessment of election security, and allege widespread voter fraud, but have yet to offer any hard evidence of wrongdoing.