Security News

Microsoft fixes Outlook clients not syncing over Exchange ActiveSync
2024-03-01 16:05

Microsoft has fixed an issue causing some Microsoft 365 users' Outlook desktop clients to stop connecting to email servers via Exchange ActiveSync. Exchange ActiveSync is a synchronization protocol used by Microsoft Exchange to allow users to access their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

In the vanguard of 21st century cyber threats
2024-03-01 16:00

Webinar The quantum threat might seem futuristic, more like something you'd encounter in a science fiction film. It's arguably already a danger to real cyber security defences.

Microsoft pulls Edge update causing 'Out of Memory' crashes
2024-03-01 15:44

Microsoft has pulled the Microsoft Edge 122.0.2365.63 update after users reported receiving "Out of memory" errors when browsing the web or accessing the browser settings. Microsoft released Edge 122.0.2365.63 yesterday, and soon after, users began reporting across multiple sites that the browser was crashing repeatedly with memory errors.

U.S. charges Iranian for hacks on defense orgs, offers $10M for info
2024-03-01 14:47

The U.S. Department of Justice has unveiled an indictment against Alireza Shafie Nasab, a 39-year-old Iranian national, for his role in a cyber-espionage campaign targeting U.S. government and defense entities. The U.S. DoJ announcement says Nasab's job with Mahak Rayan Afraz was merely a front for the hacker's malicious operations.

New Phishing Kit Leverages SMS, Voice Calls to Target Cryptocurrency Users
2024-03-01 13:32

A novel phishing kit has been observed impersonating the login pages of well-known cryptocurrency services as part of an attack cluster designed to primarily target mobile devices. “This kit...

Cops visit school of 'wrong person's child,' mix up victims and suspects in epic data fail
2024-03-01 12:40

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has put the West Midlands Police on the naughty step after the force was found to have repeatedly mixed up two people's personal data for years. Britain's data watchdog says the force "Incorrectly linked and merged the records" of the individuals that share the same name and date of birth on multiple occasions during 2000, 2021 and 2022.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0
2024-03-01 12:08

The CSF 2.0, which supports implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, has an expanded scope that goes beyond protecting critical infrastructure, such as hospitals and power plants, to all organizations in any sector. The CSF's governance component emphasizes that cybersecurity is a major source of enterprise risk that senior leaders should consider alongside others such as finance and reputation.

4 Instructive Postmortems on Data Downtime and Loss
2024-03-01 11:08

More than a decade ago, the concept of the ‘blameless’ postmortem changed how tech companies recognize failures at scale. John Allspaw, who coined the term during his tenure at Etsy, argued...

New BIFROSE Linux Malware Variant Using Deceptive VMware Domain for Evasion
2024-03-01 10:56

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new Linux variant of a remote access trojan (RAT) called BIFROSE (aka Bifrost) that uses a deceptive domain mimicking VMware. "This latest version of...

Keeping one step ahead of cyber security threats
2024-03-01 09:05

Webinar Dealing with cyber security incidents is an expensive business. Each data breach costs an estimated $4.35 million on average and it's not as if the volume of cyber attacks is falling - last year, they rose by 38 percent according to Google Cloud.