Security News

Netgear warns users to patch auth bypass, XSS router flaws
2024-07-12 15:34

Netgear warned customers to update their devices to the latest available firmware, which patches stored cross-site scripting and authentication bypass vulnerabilities in several WiFi 6 router models. The stored XSS security flaw impacts the XR1000 Nighthawk gaming router.

Juniper releases out-of-cycle fix for max severity auth bypass flaw
2024-06-30 15:14

Juniper Networks has released an emergency update to address a maximum severity vulnerability that leads to authentication bypass in Session Smart Router, Session Smart Conductor, and WAN Assurance Router products. "An Authentication Bypass Using an Alternate Path or Channel vulnerability in Juniper Networks Session Smart Router or Conductor running with a redundant peer allows a network-based attacker to bypass authentication and take full control of the device," reads the description of the vulnerability.

Week in review: MOVEit auth bypass flaws quitely fixed, open-source Rafel RAT targets Androids
2024-06-30 08:00

Open-source Rafel RAT steals info, locks Android devices, asks for ransomThe open-source Rafel RAT is being leveraged by multiple threat actors to compromise Android devices and, in some cases, to lock them, encrypt their contents, and demand money to restore the device to its original state. Future trends in cyber warfare: Predictions for AI integration and space-based operationsIn this Help Net Security interview, Morgan Wright, Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne, discusses how AI is utilized in modern cyber warfare by state and non-state actors.

Hackers target new MOVEit Transfer critical auth bypass bug
2024-06-26 14:49

Threat actors are already trying to exploit a critical authentication bypass flaw in Progress MOVEit Transfer, less than a day after the vendor disclosed it. MOVEit Transfer is a managed file transfer solution used in enterprise environments to securely transfer files between business partners and customers using the SFTP, SCP, and HTTP protocols.

Snowblind malware abuses Android security feature to bypass security
2024-06-26 13:33

A novel Android attack vector from a piece of malware tracked as Snowblind is abusing a security feature to bypass existing anti-tampering protections in apps that handle sensitive user data. [...]

Progress quietly fixes MOVEit auth bypass flaws (CVE-2024-5805, CVE-2024-5806)
2024-06-25 18:08

Progress Software has patched one critical and one high-risk vulnerability in MOVEit, its widely used managed file transfer software product. CVE-2024-5805 is an improper authentication vulnerability in MOVEit Gateway, which serves as a proxy so that MOVEit Transfer - the actual managed file transfer software - can receive inbound connections when deployed behind a firewall.

New Rust-based Fickle Malware Uses PowerShell for UAC Bypass and Data Exfiltration
2024-06-20 08:09

A new Rust-based information stealer malware called Fickle Stealer has been observed being delivered via multiple attack chains with the goal of harvesting sensitive information from compromised...

ASUS Patches Critical Authentication Bypass Flaw in Multiple Router Models
2024-06-17 14:39

ASUS has shipped software updates to address a critical security flaw impacting its routers that could be exploited by malicious actors to bypass authentication. Tracked as CVE-2024-3080, the...

ASUS warns of critical remote authentication bypass on 7 routers
2024-06-15 15:17

ASUS has released a new firmware update that addresses a vulnerability impacting seven router models that allow remote attackers to log in to devices.The flaw, tracked as CVE-2024-3080, is an authentication bypass vulnerability allowing unauthenticated, remote attackers to take control of the device.

Exploit for Veeam Recovery Orchestrator auth bypass available, patch now
2024-06-13 17:21

A proof-of-concept exploit for a critical Veeam Recovery Orchestrator authentication bypass vulnerability tracked as CVE-2024-29855 has been released, elevating the risk of being exploited in attacks. CVE-2024-29855, rated 9.0 as per CVSS v3.1, is an authentication bypass vulnerability impacting Veeam Recovery Orchestrator versions and and older.