Security News

Threat actors use beta apps to bypass mobile app store security
2023-08-14 22:13

The FBI is warning of a new tactic used by cybercriminals where they promote malicious "Beta" versions of cryptocurrency investment apps on popular mobile app stores that are then used to steal crypto. The threat actors submit the malicious apps to the mobile app stores as "Betas," meaning that they are in an early development phase and are meant to be used by tech enthusiasts or fans to test and submit feedback to developers before the software is officially released.

Malicious Apps Use Sneaky Versioning Technique to Bypass Google Play Store Scanners
2023-08-03 16:18

Threat actors are leveraging a technique called versioning to evade Google Play Store's malware detections and target Android users. Earlier this May, ESET discovered a screen recording app named "iRecorder - Screen Recorder" that remained innocuous for nearly a year after it was first uploaded to the Play Store before malicious changes were introduced sneakily to spy on its users.

Researchers Discover Bypass for Recently Patched Critical Ivanti EPMM Vulnerability
2023-08-03 04:06

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a bypass for a recently fixed actively exploited vulnerability in some versions of Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile, prompting Ivanti to urge users to update to the latest version of the software. Tracked as CVE-2023-35082 and discovered by Rapid7, the issue "Allows unauthenticated attackers to access the API in older unsupported versions of MobileIron Core.".

Ivanti discloses new critical auth bypass bug in MobileIron Core
2023-08-02 20:49

IT software company Ivanti disclosed today a new critical security vulnerability in its MobileIron Core mobile device management software. "MobileIron Core 11.2 has been out of support since March 15, 2022. Therefore, Ivanti will not be issuing a patch or any other remediations to address this vulnerability in 11.2 or earlier versions. Upgrading to the latest version of Ivanti Endpoint Manager Mobile is the best way to protect your environment from threats," the company said.

Casbaneiro Banking Malware Goes Under the Radar with UAC Bypass Technique
2023-07-25 12:10

The financially motivated threat actors behind the Casbaneiro banking malware family have been observed making use of a User Account Control bypass technique to gain full administrative privileges on a machine, a sign that the threat actor is evolving their tactics to avoid detection and execute malicious code on compromised assets. Casbaneiro, also known as Metamorfo and Ponteiro, is best known for its banking trojan, which first emerged in mass email spam campaigns targeting the Latin American financial sector in 2018.

Adobe fixes patch bypass for exploited ColdFusion CVE-2023-29298 flaw
2023-07-19 20:37

Adobe released an emergency ColdFusion security update that fixes critical vulnerabilities, including a fix for a new zero-day exploited in attacks. As part of today's out-of-band update, Adobe fixed three vulnerabilities: a critical RCE tracked as CVE-2023-38204, a critical Improper Access Control flaw tracked as CVE-2023-38205, and a moderate Improper Access Control flaw tracked as CVE-2023-38206.

20% of malware attacks bypass antivirus protection
2023-07-13 04:00

Many still lack the necessary tools to investigate the security and organizational impact of these infections and effectively mitigate follow-on attacks - with 98% indicating better visibility into at-risk applications would significantly improve their security posture. Seemingly innocuous actions like these can inadvertently expose organizations to malware and follow-on attacks including ransomware stemming from the stolen access details.

SonicWall warns admins to patch critical auth bypass bugs immediately
2023-07-12 20:08

SonicWall warned customers today to urgently patch multiple critical vulnerabilities impacting the company's Global Management System firewall management and Analytics network reporting engine software suites."This suite of vulnerabililtes, which was responsibility disclosed, includes four vulnerabilities with a CVSSv3 rating of CRITICAL, that allows an attacker to bypass authentication and could potentially result in exposure of sensitive information to an unauthorized actor," SonicWall said.

PoC for Arcserve UDP authentication bypass flaw published (CVE-2023-26258)
2023-06-29 11:08

An authentication bypass vulnerability in the Arcserve Unified Data Protection enterprise data protection solution can be exploited to compromise admin accounts and take over vulnerable instances, MDSec researchers Juan Manuel Fern√°ndez and Sean Doherty have found - and have released a PoC exploit for it."At this time, Arcserve is not aware of any active attempts to exploit this vulnerability," the company said on Tuesday, when it pushed out fixes for the flaw.

Exploit released for new Arcserve UDP auth bypass vulnerability
2023-06-28 20:50

Data protection vendor Arcserve has addressed a high-severity security flaw in its Unified Data Protection backup software that can let attackers bypass authentication and gain admin privileges.According to the company, Arcserve UDP is a data and ransomware protection solution designed to help customers thwart ransomware attacks, restore compromised data, and enable effective disaster recovery to ensure business continuity.