Security News

Cybercriminals Targeting Latin America with Sophisticated Phishing Scheme
2024-04-08 08:36

A new phishing campaign has set its eyes on the Latin American region to deliver malicious payloads to Windows systems. "The phishing email contained a ZIP file attachment that when extracted...

Massive Phishing Campaign Strikes Latin America: Venom RAT Targeting Multiple Sectors
2024-04-02 04:54

The threat actor known as TA558 has been attributed to a new massive phishing campaign that targets a wide range of sectors in Latin America with the goal of deploying Venom RAT. The attacks...

APT28 Hacker Group Targeting Europe, Americas, Asia in Widespread Phishing Scheme
2024-03-18 05:59

The Russia-linked threat actor known as APT28 has been linked to multiple ongoing phishing campaigns that employ lure documents imitating government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in...

Ande Loader Malware Targets Manufacturing Sector in North America
2024-03-14 07:17

The threat actor known as Blind Eagle has been observed using a loader malware called Ande Loader to deliver remote access trojans (RATs) like Remcos RAT and NjRAT. The attacks, which take the...

Kremlin accuses America of plotting cyberattack on Russian voting systems
2024-03-11 21:58

The Kremlin has accused the United States of meddling in Russia's upcoming presidential election, and even accused Uncle Sam of planning a cyberattack on the country's online voting system. Putin, who controls the SVR and the election process, will undoubtedly win the vote.

Sandvine put on America's export no-fly list after Egypt used network tech for spying
2024-02-27 20:22

The US Commerce Department has blacklisted Sandvine for selling its networking monitoring technology to Egypt, where the Feds say the gear was used to spy on political and human-rights activists. Chengdu made the naughty list for apparently acquiring and attempting to acquire US goods on behalf of China's University of Electronic Science and Technology, which was already on the Entity List.

Banking Trojans Target Latin America and Europe Through Google Cloud Run
2024-02-26 09:51

Cybersecurity researchers are warning about a spike in email phishing campaigns that are weaponizing the Google Cloud Run service to deliver various banking trojans such as Astaroth (aka...

Cyberattack downs pharmacies across America
2024-02-22 21:13

Prescription orders hit after IT supplier Change Healthcare pulls plug on systems IT provider Change Healthcare has confirmed it shut down some of its systems following a cyberattack, disrupting...

Infosys subsidiary named as source of Bank of America data leak
2024-02-13 05:28

Indian tech services giant Infosys has been named as the source of a data leak suffered by the Bank of America. Infosys disclosed the breach in a November 3, 2023, filing [PDF] that revealed its US subsidiary Infosys McCamish Systems LLC "Has become aware of a cyber security incident resulting in non-availability of certain applications and systems in IMS.".

Bank of America warns customers of data breach after vendor hack
2024-02-12 23:32

Bank of America is warning customers of a data breach exposing their personal information after one of its service providers was hacked last year.While Bank of America has yet to disclose how many customers were impacted by the data breach, Infosys McCamish Systems, the vendor that had its systems compromised, revealed in a recent filing with the Attorney General of Maine that 57,028 had their data exposed in the incident.