Security News

New Wi-Fi Vulnerabilities Expose Android and Linux Devices to Hackers
2024-02-21 16:16

Cybersecurity researchers have identified two authentication bypass flaws in open-source Wi-Fi software found in Android, Linux, and ChromeOS devices that could trick users into joining a...

Anatsa Android malware downloaded 150,000 times via Google Play
2024-02-19 13:34

The Anatsa banking trojan has been targeting users in Europe by infecting Android devices through malware droppers hosted on Google Play. Last summer, ThreatFabric warned of another Europe-focused Anatsa campaign that also used dropper apps hosted on Google Play, primarily fake PDF viewer apps.

Meta Warns of 8 Spyware Firms Targeting iOS, Android, and Windows Devices
2024-02-19 13:14

Meta Platforms said it took a series of steps to curtail malicious activity from eight different firms based in Italy, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) operating in the...

Anatsa Android Trojan Bypasses Google Play Security, Expands Reach to New Countries
2024-02-19 10:29

The Android banking trojan known as Anatsa has expanded its focus to include Slovakia, Slovenia, and Czechia as part of a new campaign observed in November 2023. "Some of the droppers in the...

New ‘Gold Pickaxe’ Android, iOS malware steals your face for fraud
2024-02-15 08:00

A new iOS and Android trojan named 'GoldPickaxe' employs a social engineering scheme to trick victims into scanning their faces and ID documents, which are believed to be used to generate deepfakes for unauthorized banking access. The new malware, spotted by Group-IB, is part of a malware suite developed by the Chinese threat group known as 'GoldFactory,' which is responsible for other malware strains such as 'GoldDigger', 'GoldDiggerPlus,' and 'GoldKefu.

MoqHao Android Malware Evolves with Auto-Execution Capability
2024-02-09 13:34

Threat hunters have identified a new variant of Android malware called MoqHao that automatically executes on infected devices without requiring any user interaction. "Typical MoqHao requires users...

Android XLoader malware can now auto-execute after installation
2024-02-08 18:34

A new version of the XLoader Android malware was discovered that automatically executes on devices it infects, requiring no user interaction to launch. XLoader, aka MoqHao, is an Android malware operated and likely created by a financially motivated threat actor named 'Roaming Mantis,' previously seen targeting users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Google Starts Blocking Sideloading of Potentially Dangerous Android Apps in Singapore
2024-02-08 10:17

Google has unveiled a new pilot program in Singapore that aims to prevent users from sideloading certain apps that abuse Android app permissions to read one-time passwords and gather sensitive...

Google tests blocking side-loaded Android apps with risky permissions
2024-02-07 18:57

Google has launched a new pilot program to fight financial fraud by blocking the sideloading of Android APK files that request access to risky permissions. These files are commonly distributed through third-party sites, allowing you to install apps outside of Google Play.

Patchwork Using Romance Scam Lures to Infect Android Devices with VajraSpy Malware
2024-02-05 13:18

The threat actor known as Patchwork likely used romance scam lures to trap victims in Pakistan and India, and infect their Android devices with a remote access trojan called VajraSpy. Slovak...