Security News

CISA makes its "Malware Next-Gen" analysis system publicly available
2024-04-11 22:27

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has released a new version of "Malware Next-Gen," now allowing the public to submit malware samples for analysis by CISA. Malware Next-Gen is a malware analysis platform that examines malware samples for suspicious artifacts. "The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announces today a new release of our malware analysis system, called Malware Next-Gen, which allows any organization to submit malware samples and other suspicious artifacts for analysis," reads the announcement.

LockBit ransomware secretly building next-gen encryptor before takedown
2024-02-22 13:51

LockBit ransomware developers were secretly building a new version of their file encrypting malware, dubbed LockBit-NG-Dev - likely to become LockBit 4.0, when law enforcement took down the cybercriminal's infrastructure earlier this week. While previous LockBit malware is built in C/C++, the latest sample is a work-in-progress written in.

Product showcase: SearchInform Risk Monitor – next-gen DLP based insider threat mitigation platform
2024-02-13 04:30

Basically, DLP systems are aimed at prevention of data leaks, and in real-life mode they monitor and block transmitting of confidential data. That's why SearchInform offers the next-gen platform for internal threat mitigation - Risk Monitor.

Critical Flaw in NextGen's Mirth Connect Could Expose Healthcare Data
2023-10-26 05:23

Users of Mirth Connect, an open-source data integration platform from NextGen HealthCare, are being urged to update to the latest version following the discovery of an unauthenticated remote code...

Is next-gen threat modeling even about threats?
2022-03-28 06:00

Many experts attempt to use traditional threat modeling as their first line of business to address security in the SDLC. But what if everyone is doing threat modeling wrong? The industry standard for how we conduct threat modeling today evolved from past meetings where security professionals piled into a conference room and brainstormed potential threats that might affect their software.

Next-Gen Maldocs & How to Solve the Human Vulnerability
2021-12-10 19:29

The adversary may set up a "Lookalike" website, masquerading as a page that the user expected and intended to go to, but which instead delivers username and password combos to the threat actor when victims attempt to log in. Let's turn our focus to this file-attachment attack vector-specifically, malicious Microsoft Office documents, which can run code with a macro.

Gryphon AX: A next-gen Wi-Fi 6 router that protects home networks from hackers and malware
2021-08-17 23:45

Gryphon Online Safety announced the launch of their newest product, the Gryphon AX. The Gryphon AX features the same comprehensive parental controls, next-generation firewall, and powerful mesh Wi-Fi as previous products, with the additional features of next-generation Wi-Fi 6 technology. The incorporation of Wi-Fi 6 has resulted in Gryphon's fastest router yet, with a 40% increase in Wi-Fi speed.

Windows 11: The new features coming to Microsoft's next-gen OS
2021-06-24 15:27

Unlike Windows 10 feature updates, Windows 11 comes with several new features and improvements. Windows 11 comes with centered Start Menu and taskbar, similar to Windows 10X. Start Menu doesn't come with traditional live tiles.

Rambus partners with Lattice to leverage their technology expertise in next-gen security solutions
2021-04-27 23:45

Through the partnership, customers will have access to Rambus secure hardware IP on Lattice FPGAs for communications, computing, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. "System developers need access to the latest and greatest security technologies to protect their devices against increasing cyberattacks," said Eric Sivertson, vice president of Security Business at Lattice.

LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform 7.7 offers enhanced detection and response capabilities
2021-04-07 01:15

LogRhythm announced the launch of version 7.7 of the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform. The update introduces new features designed to streamline the threat detection and response process, including a new Timeline View that provides analysts with an easy-to-follow security narrative when investigating an incident.