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Zut alors! Raclage crapuleux! Clearview AI in 20% more trouble in France
2023-05-15 18:36

CLEARVIEW AI collects photographs from a wide range of websites, including social networks, and sells access to its database of images of people through a search engine in which an individual can be searched using a photograph. Worse still, CNIL castigated Clearview for trying to cling onto the very data it shouldn't have collected in the first place.

Hyundai data breach exposes owner details in France and Italy
2023-04-12 14:55

Hyundai has disclosed a data breach impacting Italian and French car owners and those who booked a test drive, warning that hackers gained access to personal data.Hyundai is a multinational automotive manufacturer selling over half a million vehicles per year in Europe, with a market share of roughly 3% in France and Italy.

Finnish psychotherapy extortion suspect arrested in France
2023-02-06 19:13

Worse still, the company responsible for keeping that data secure decided to keep quiet about the intrusion, with the company CEO apparently deciding that he could get away with hiding the breach from the authorities as long as no publicly visible harm came of it. The police have established that the suspect currently resides abroad. For this reason, he was remanded in absentia.

Air France and KLM notify customers of account hacks
2023-01-06 20:21

Air France and KLM have informed Flying Blue customers that some of their personal information was exposed after their accounts were breached. KLM's official Twitter account confirmed the attack and told one of the impacted customers that "The attack was blocked in time and no miles were charged."

France fines Apple for targeted App Store ads without consent
2023-01-05 18:52

France's data protection authority has fined Apple €8,000,000 for collecting user data for targeted advertising on the App Store without requesting or securing the user's consent. "The CNIL services found that under the old version 14.6 of the operating system of the iPhone when a user visited the App Store, identifiers used for several purposes, including personalization of ads on the App Store, were by default automatically read on the terminal without obtaining consent." - CNIL. CNIL suggests that Apple could keep the option "Buried" in the settings menu as long as it prompted the user to consent to App Store tracking upon the device's first setup, which wasn't the case in iOS 14.6.

France Fines Microsoft €60 Million for Using Advertising Cookies Without User Consent
2022-12-23 07:46

France's privacy watchdog has imposed a €60 million fine against Microsoft's Ireland subsidiary for dropping advertising cookies in users' computers without their explicit consent in violation of data protection laws in the European Union. The Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés noted that users visiting the home page of its Bing search engine did not have a "Mechanism to refuse cookies as easily as accepting them."

Clearview AI image-scraping face recognition service hit with €20m fine in France
2022-10-26 18:50

Clearview AI does not have a legitimate interest in collecting and using this data either, particularly given the intrusive and massive nature of the process, which makes it possible to retrieve the images present on the Internet of several tens of millions of Internet users in France. The seriousness of this breach led the CNIL chair to order Clearview AI to cease, for lack of a legal basis, the collection and use of data from people on French territory, in the context of the operation of the facial recognition software it markets.

Internet connectivity worldwide impacted by severed fiber cables in France
2022-10-20 13:25

A major Internet cable in the South of France was severed yesterday at 20:30 UTC, impacting subsea cable connectivity to Europe, Asia, and the United States and causing data packet losses and increased website response latency. Users still face problems due to app and content providers routing traffic through the impacted paths.

Look who's fallen foul of Europe's data retention rules. France and Germany
2022-09-21 06:32

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice issued rulings that limit indiscriminate data retention in France and Germany. The ECJ determined [PDF] that EU law disallows national legislation that requires indiscriminate retention of telecom traffic and location data to fight crime and protect public safety.

Roaming Mantis Financial Hackers Targeting Android and iPhone Users in France
2022-07-26 02:58

The mobile threat campaign tracked as Roaming Mantis has been linked to a new wave of compromises directed against French mobile phone users, months after it expanded its targeting to include European countries. Attack chains involving Roaming Mantis, a financially motivated Chinese threat actor, are known to either deploy a piece of banking trojan named MoqHao or redirect iPhone users to credential harvesting landing pages that mimic the iCloud login page.