Security News

Lenovo fixes flaws that can be used to disable UEFI Secure Boot
2022-11-09 16:03

Lenovo has fixed two high-severity vulnerabilities impacting various ThinkBook, IdeaPad, and Yoga laptop models that could allow an attacker to deactivate UEFI Secure Boot. UEFI Secure Boot is a verification system that ensures no malicious code can be loaded and executed during the computer boot process.

VMware confirms Carbon Black causes BSODs, boot loops on Windows
2022-08-24 16:08

VMware has admitted an update on some versions of its Carbon Black endpoint solution is responsible for BSODs and boot loops on Windows machines after multiple organizations were affected by the problem. The problem surfaced yesterday, with threat hunter Tim Geschwindt stating on Twitter he knew of about 50 organizations struggling with the issue, and saying the Carbon Black endpoint solution was "Causing blue screens of death for devices running sensor version".

Windows KB5012170 update causing BitLocker recovery screens, boot issues
2022-08-16 23:05

Windows users who have installed a new KB5012170 security update for Secure Boot have encountered various issues, ranging from boots failing with BitLocker Recovery prompts to performance issues. During the August 2022 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released the standalone KB5012170 'Security update for Secure Boot DBX' to resolve vulnerabilities found in various UEFI bootloaders that threat actors could use to bypass the Windows Secure Boot feature and execute unsigned code.

Windows KB5012170 Secure Boot DBX update may fail with 0x800f0922 error
2022-08-15 15:41

Microsoft is warning that users may see a 0x800f0922 error when trying to install Windows KB5012170 Secure Boot security update on currently supported operating systems for consumers and the enterprise-class Server version. Error 0x800f0922 is related strictly to KB5012170, a security update for the Secure Boot DBX, a repository that holds revoked signatures for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface bootloaders.

Researchers Uncover UEFI Secure Boot Bypass in 3 Microsoft Signed Boot Loaders
2022-08-13 12:24

A security feature bypass vulnerability has been uncovered in three signed third-party Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot loaders that allow bypass of the UEFI Secure Boot feature. "These vulnerabilities can be exploited by mounting the EFI System Partition and replacing the existing bootloader with the vulnerable one, or modifying a UEFI variable to load the vulnerable loader instead of the existing one," hardware security firm Eclypsium said in a report shared with The Hacker News.

Microsoft blocks UEFI bootloaders enabling Windows Secure Boot bypass
2022-08-12 19:10

Some signed third-party bootloaders for the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface could allow attackers to execute unauthorized code in an early stage of the boot process, before the operating system loads. Eclypsium security researchers Mickey Shkatov and Jesse Michael discovered vulnerabilities affecting UEFI bootloaders from third-party vendors that could be exploited to bypass the Secure Boot feature on Windows machines.

Google Boots Multiple Malware-laced Android Apps from Marketplace
2022-07-18 12:32

Google has removed eight apps from its Google Play store that were propagating a new variant of the Joker spyware, but not before they already had garnered more than 3 million downloads. The trojan would hide in the advertisement frameworks utilized by the malicious apps propagating it; these frameworks aggregate and serve in-app ads.

Unpatched Critical Flaws Disclosed in U-Boot Bootloader for Embedded Devices
2022-06-06 07:04

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed two unpatched security vulnerabilities in the open-source U-Boot boot loader. The issues, which were uncovered in the IP defragmentation algorithm implemented in U-Boot by NCC Group, could be abused to achieve arbitrary out-of-bounds write and denial-of-service.

Microsoft: Windows 365 to get Offline, Boot to Cloud PC features
2022-04-05 15:00

It allows businesses to stream Windows 10 or Windows 11 Cloud PCs to end-users under Windows 365 Business or Windows 365 Enterprise subscriptions. Users will be able to quickly switch between their own desktop and the Cloud PC using the Windows Task Switcher once the cloud-based service gets upgraded with a new feature dubbed Windows 365 Switch.

Microsoft patches the patch that broke VPNs, Hyper-V, and left servers in boot loops
2022-01-18 11:34

Microsoft has patched the patch that broke chunks of Windows and emitted fixes for a Patch Tuesday cock-up that left servers rebooting and VPNs disconnected. On the receiving end of the company's attention were Windows desktop and Windows Server installs left a little broken following Microsoft's latest demonstration of its legendary quality control.