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Dixons Fined by UK Regulator Over Data Breach
2020-01-10 18:10

The UK Data Protection Regulator has issued a monetary penalty of £500,000 against Dixon Carphone for what it describes as "Multiple, systemic and serious inadequacies" in the firm's security posture. This allowed Dixons to argue that the PAN was not personal data, and that this aspect of the breach was consequently not subject to the personal data focus of the data protection laws.

UK Fines Dixons Carphone for Massive Breach
2020-01-10 11:03

British regulators have fined Dixons Carphone, a large electronics and phone retailer, &pound500,000 for a breach that exposed millions of payment card details and personal data due to point-of-sale malware. In January 2018, the ICO fined it &pound400,000 for a 2015 breach of its Carphone Warehouse subsidiary after an attacker exploited an outdated WordPress installation.

Dixons fined £500,000 by ICO for crap security that exposed 5.6 million customers' payment cards
2020-01-09 18:15

Dixons Retail is facing a £500,000 penalty from the Information Commissioner's Office after a hacker installed malware that infected thousands of point of sale tills and scooped up 5.6 million payment card details. The ICO told us that in addition to the aforementioned personal financial data, Dixons had initially found that roughly 10 million non-financial records had also been pilfered from the retailer's internal servers and exfiltrated.

Dixons hits back at McAfee's £30m antivirus sueball: Your AV didn't work on Windows 10S
2019-08-28 09:00

And that's why we flirted with your nemesis Symantec, Brit retailer claims Brit retailer Dixons has lashed back at McAfee's £30m High Court broadside, saying it was entitled to promote rival...

Dixons Carphone Breach: Much Larger Than First Thought
2018-08-01 10:37

A data breach at Dixons Carphone that was made public last month read more

Dixons Carphone: 10 Million Records Exposed in 2017 Breach
2018-07-31 13:02

Retailer Revises Breach Impact Upward; 5.9 Million Payment Cards Also ExposedStruggling European electronics giant Dixons Carphone says its investigation into a 2017 data breach has found that 10...

Dixons Carphone Data Breach Affects 10 Million Customers
2018-07-31 11:18

Dixons Carphone's 2017 data breach was worse than initially anticipated. In an announcement on Monday, Dixons Carphone, one of the largest consumer electronics and telecommunication retailers in...

Dixons Carphone: Yeah, so, about that hack we said hit 1.2m records? Multiply that by 8.3
2018-07-31 09:51

Retailer says probe found 10m records hit – but no evidence of fraud Dixons Carphone today admitted that the data breach it discovered last month affected nine times as many people as first believed.…

Dixons Carphone breach fallout shows long-term impact of a cyberattack
2018-06-21 13:26

Dixons Carphone discovered a massive data breach last week, with attackers accessing details for 5.9 million customer payment cards. Now, the company has taken a reputation and profits hit.

Dixons Carphone breach: Personal and payment card info compromised
2018-06-13 19:57

Dixons Carphone, the multinational electrical and telecommunications retailer that holds over 2,000 stores across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe, has suffered a security breach. About the...