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5 Patch Management Best Practices for Success in 2024
2024-05-24 10:53

What are some patch management best practices and techniques? Following patch management "Golden rules" such as patching on test machines and organizing rollout beforehand.

Cybersecurity: Benefits and Best Practices
2024-04-10 16:00

From small companies to large corporations, public sectors, government and defense sectors, cybersecurity is the only barrier to protecting valuable digital resources and assets. With an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, cybersecurity has also become essential for organizations to meet compliance and avoid legal risks, fines and reputational damages.

Implementing container security best practices using Wazuh
2024-04-09 14:01

This article will explore how Wazuh helps implement best security practices for containerized environments. Wazuh ensures regulatory compliance by swiftly addressing security events in container hosts and enforcing security controls against evolving threats.

Security best practices for GRC teams
2024-03-20 04:30

Even with the best-of-the-best tools and tech stack monitoring vulnerabilities, every security executive and GRC leader should still have some layer of paranoia. In this Help Net Security video, Shrav Mehta, CEO at Secureframe, talks about security best practices for GRC teams, highlights areas that security learners should pay close attention to, and discusses how security leaders can automate specific processes.

Product showcase: How to track SaaS security best practices with Nudge Security
2024-03-13 04:30

Nudge Security discovers all SaaS apps ever introduced by anyone in your organization and offers automation and orchestration capabilities to make it easy to implement SaaS security best practices. Read on to see how you can use Nudge Security to assess SaaS security, prioritize your efforts, and visualize the progress you're making toward your goals.

CISA, NSA share best practices for securing cloud services
2024-03-07 23:05

The NSA and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency have released five joint cybersecurity bulletins containing on best practices for securing a cloud environment. Today, the NSA and CISA have issued five join documents on how to secure your cloud services using best practices.

What Is a Passphrase? Examples, Types & Best Practices
2024-02-16 17:22

A passphrase functions as a password, granting you access to a system or application, but instead of a string of random characters, it's a combination of words, numbers and symbols. In this article, we provide examples of passphrases and discuss the different types and best practices for using them for personal or business-related accounts.

Third-party risk management best practices and why they matter
2024-01-29 05:50

With organizations increasingly relying on third-party vendors, upping the third-party risk management game has become imperative to prevent the fallout of third-party compromises. Why you must do TPRM. Third-party risk management offers numerous advantages for companies.

Best practices to mitigate alert fatigue
2024-01-17 04:30

In this Help Net Security video, Peter Manev, Chief Strategy Officer at Stamus Networks, discusses a pervasive problem plaguing security analysts called "Alert fatigue," - which occurs when security teams become desensitized to an overwhelming volume of alerts, causing them to miss or overlook critical events and have slower response times. The most talked about contributor to this problem is the number of alerts generated by threat detection systems.

Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023: Insights, Mitigators and Best Practices
2023-12-21 10:53

John Hanley of IBM Security shares 4 key findings from the highly acclaimed annual Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023 What is the IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report? The IBM Cost of a Data Breach...