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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: July 17, 2024
2024-07-17 03:30

As a Cybersecurity Analyst II, you will drive complex investigations and conduct deep analysis of security events, across various company security platforms, focused on rapid containment and remediation. As a Cyber Security Engineer, you will manage and maintain the platforms, applications and security systems that deliver infrastructure security services to the Bank, with specific emphasis on endpoint security and web proxies.

Don’t be complacent on cybersecurity resilience
2024-07-16 14:21

Knowing what threats are out there and having a good idea of your infrastructure vulnerabilities is half the battle, which is what makes the 2024 Cisco Cybersecurity Readiness Index report so valuable. Based on a survey of over 8,000 business and cybersecurity leaders spanning 30 global markets it rates readiness to meet those threats according to five criteria - Identify Intelligence; Network Resilience; Machine Trustworthiness; Cloud Reinforcement; and Artificial Intelligence Fortification.

Strengthening cybersecurity preparedness with defense in depth
2024-07-11 04:00

In this Help Net Security interview, Chaim Mazal, Chief Security Officer at Gigamon, discusses cybersecurity preparedness measures for businesses, the impact of international inconsistencies on global operations, and the board's role in cybersecurity. Practicing defence in depth through layered security monitoring and tooling can prepare organisations to detect suspicious behaviour within a system and react fast, before threat actors can access the most sensitive data and operations.

Valuable insights for making the right cybersecurity decisions
2024-07-11 03:00

Improving OT cybersecurity remains a work in progress. Most cybersecurity pros took time off due to mental health issues.

Cybersecurity jobs available right now: July 10, 2024
2024-07-10 03:30

As a Cyber Security Engineer, you will perform research in the areas of cyber and network security, advise DoD and IC space system customers on secure design and implementation of systems, review network architecture designs identify security, dataflow, performance deficiencies. As a Datacenter Security Operations Manager, you will oversee the implementation of physical security policies and procedures at applicable datacenters, ensuring Microsoft's physical security vendor guard force has the resources and information to deliver physical security services that meet Microsoft and customer requirements to protect people, information, and critical infrastructure.

How to Run a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment in 5 Steps
2024-07-09 16:00

Though cybersecurity is on every executive's checklist today, most struggle with growing compliance burdens, keeping the costs moderate and bringing team alignment. Read this guide, written by Avya Chaudhary for TechRepublic Premium, to learn how to perform a cybersecurity assessment within a five-point framework.

Cybersecurity Agencies Warn of China-linked APT40's Rapid Exploit Adaptation
2024-07-09 05:56

Cybersecurity agencies from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, the U.K., and the U.S. have released a joint advisory about a China-linked cyber espionage group called APT40, warning about its ability to co-opt exploits for newly disclosed security flaws within hours or days of public release. "APT 40 has previously targeted organizations in various countries, including Australia and the United States," the agencies said.

Microsoft’s cybersecurity dilemma: An open letter to Satya Nadella
2024-07-09 04:30

Microsoft is suffering cybersecurity failures due to systemic problems with strategic leadership. The world is witnessing an alarming trend of cybersecurity issues with Microsoft products and services.

Exploring the root causes of the cybersecurity skills gap
2024-07-09 04:00

What are the primary factors contributing to the cybersecurity skills gap? Are there specific areas within cybersecurity that are more affected than others? Several factors across the technology industry are responsible for the cybersecurity skills gap, including lack of representation and diversity, and insufficient training opportunities given the rapid evolution of cybersecurity threats and tools.

Dragos: Industrial Cyber Security Basics Can Help Protect APAC Operational Technology Operators
2024-07-08 15:02

Industrial cyber security in APAC is still lagging behind enterprises, but having some basic hygiene and a plan in place is "Light years" better than nothing, according to director of incident response at operational technology cyber security firm Dragos Lesley Carhart. Dragos has seen organisations implementing incident response plans and security monitoring; this puts them "Light years ahead" of those with no plan and no retainers or team for cyber security, but Carhart said they need to test assumptions to do tactical things behind strategy.