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AT&T delays Microsoft 365 email delivery due to spam wave
2024-05-09 17:58

AT&T's email servers are blocking connections from Microsoft 365 due to a "High volume" spam wave originating from Microsoft's service. Starting on Monday, AT&T customers began reporting they could no longer receive email from Microsoft 365 email addresses.

Former AT&T customers get $6.3 million in data throttling refunds
2024-04-12 15:56

The Federal Trade Commission is sending out $6,300,000 in partial refunds to 267,000 former AT&T Wireless customers as part of a data throttling settlement in 2019. The action follows a 2014 lawsuit by the FTC claiming that AT&T did not fully disclose the terms of its so-called "Unlimited data plans" to customers, specifically the fact that their data speeds would be significantly reduced after they hit a certain data consumption threshold.

AT&T now says data breach impacted 51 million customers
2024-04-10 14:18

AT&T is notifying 51 million former and current customers, warning them of a data breach that exposed their personal information on a hacking forum. These notifications are related to the recent leak of a massive amount of AT&T customer data on the Breach hacking forums that was offered for sale for $1 million in 2021.

Week in review: 73M customers affected by AT&T data leak, errors led to US govt inboxes compromise
2024-04-07 08:00

How Google plans to make stolen session cookies worthless for attackersGoogle is working on a new security feature for Chrome called Device Bound Session Credentials, meant to prevent attackers from using stolen session cookies to gain access user accounts. A "Cascade" of errors let Chinese hackers into US government inboxesMicrosoft still doesn't known how Storm-0558 attackers managed to steal the Microsoft Services Account cryptographic key they used to forge authentication tokens needed to access email accounts belonging to US government officials.

AT&T faces lawsuits over data breach affecting 73 million customers
2024-04-03 16:28

AT&T is facing multiple class-action lawsuits following the company's admission to a massive data breach that exposed the sensitive data of 73 million current and former customers. The lawsuit alleges that AT&T failed to adequately protect customers' personal data, leading to a cyberattack and subsequent data breach that exposed sensitive information for 73 million people.

AT&T data leaked: 73 million customers affected
2024-04-02 12:20

AT&T has confirmed that the data set leaked on the dark web some two weeks ago does contain "AT&T data-specific fields".According to AT&T, the batch includes data of approximately 7.6 million current AT&T account holders and approximately 65.4 million former account holders: full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, social security number, date of birth, AT&T account number and passcode.

AT&T confirms data for 73 million customers leaked on hacker forum
2024-03-30 16:52

AT&T has finally confirmed it is impacted by a data breach affecting 73 million current and former customers after initially denying the leaked data originated from them. While the company continues to say there is no indication their systems were breached, it has now confirmed that the leaked data belongs to 73 million current and former customers.

AT&T says leaked data of 70 million people is not from its systems
2024-03-17 23:24

AT&T says a massive trove of data impacting 71 million people did not originate from its systems after a hacker leaked it on a cybercrime forum and claimed it was stolen in a 2021 breach of the company. While BleepingComputer has not been able to confirm the legitimacy of all the data in the database, we have confirmed some of the entries are accurate, including those whose data is not publicly accessible for scraping.

Massive AT&T outage impacts US mobile subscribers
2024-02-22 15:48

Tens of thousands of U.S. customers from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are complaining Thursday morning about the lack of wireless service or interruptions to service. "The San Francisco Fire Department published a"cell phone service outage" announcement saying that "AT&T wireless customers can't make or receive any phone calls, although the 911 center is operational.

Massive AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile outage impacts US customers
2024-02-22 15:48

Tens of thousands of U.S. customers from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T are complaining Thursday morning about the lack of wireless service or interruptions to service. According to data from problem tracking site Downdetector more than 73,000 AT&T customers from multiple states - including North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, reported a lack of service.