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New Lawsuit Attempting to Make Adversarial Interoperability Legal
2024-05-06 11:03

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AT&T faces lawsuits over data breach affecting 73 million customers
2024-04-03 16:28

AT&T is facing multiple class-action lawsuits following the company's admission to a massive data breach that exposed the sensitive data of 73 million current and former customers. The lawsuit alleges that AT&T failed to adequately protect customers' personal data, leading to a cyberattack and subsequent data breach that exposed sensitive information for 73 million people.

Class-Action Lawsuit against Google’s Incognito Mode
2024-04-03 11:01

Google has agreed to delete "Billions of data records" the company collected while users browsed the web using Incognito mode, according to documents filed in federal court in San Francisco on Monday. The agreement, part of a settlement in a class action lawsuit filed in 2020, caps off years of disclosures about Google's practices that shed light on how much data the tech giant siphons from its users­-even when they're in private-browsing mode.

Google to Delete Billions of Browsing Records in 'Incognito Mode' Privacy Lawsuit Settlement
2024-04-02 07:08

Google has agreed to purge billions of data records reflecting users' browsing activities to settle a class action lawsuit that claimed the search giant tracked them without their knowledge or...

US to probe Change Healthcare's data protection standards as lawsuits mount
2024-03-14 14:03

Change Healthcare is being investigated over the alleged 6 TB data theft by the ALPHV ransomware group as it continues recovery efforts. The US Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights wrote to the healthcare IT company this week informing it that a formal inquiry into its data protection practices will soon begin.

Lawsuit claims gift card fraud is the gift that keeps on giving, to Google
2024-03-07 01:15

A class action complaint [PDF], filed Tuesday in federal court for the District of Northern California, claims that "Over nearly a decade, Google has knowingly kept millions of dollars in stolen money from victims of gift card scams who purchased Google Play gift cards." Filed on behalf of Indiana resident Judy May, the suit alleges Google keeps funds from stolen Google Play gift cards - either by taking its 15-30 percent commission from payments to Google Play app developers made with fraudulently obtained gift cards, or by withholding all funds paid via scammed gift cards for its own benefit.

Meta's pay-or-consent model hides 'massive illegal data processing ops': lawsuit
2024-02-29 13:00

Consumer groups are filing legal complaints in the EU in a coordinated attempt to use data protection law to stop Meta from giving local users a "Fake choice" between paying up and consenting to data collection. Privacy rights folks weren't happy about it from the get-go, with privacy advocacy group noyb, for example, sarcastically noting Meta was basically proposing you pay it in order to enjoy your fundamental rights under EU law.

SolarWinds slams SEC lawsuit against it as 'unprecedented' victim blaming
2024-01-29 20:52

In a motion to dismiss [PDF] the SEC's lawsuit, the embattled developer described the fraud charges leveled against it, and its CISO Tim Brown, "As unfounded as they are unprecedented." In a statement to The Register, Serrin Turner, an attorney at Latham and Watkins, which is representing SolarWinds, railed against the SEC's charges.

US judge rejects spyware slinger NSO's attempt to bin Apple lawsuit
2024-01-24 23:31

A US court has rejected spyware vendor NSO Group's motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Apple that alleges the developer violated computer fraud and other laws by infecting customers' iDevices with its surveillance software. Apple sued NSO, developer of the notorious Pegasus spyware, back in November 2021 and asked the court to permanently ban NSO from using any Apple software, services, or devices.

Google Settles $5 Billion Privacy Lawsuit Over Tracking Users in 'Incognito Mode'
2024-01-02 09:50

Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed in June 2020 that alleged that the company misled users by tracking their surfing activity who thought that their internet use remained private when...