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To combat cyber warfare the security industry needs to work together
2021-02-01 06:00

Just when we thought 2020 couldn't get worse, security firm FireEye broke the news that the compromise of a software solution by IT solutions provider SolarWinds had resulted in security breaches across the public and private sector, at dozens of companies and government agencies, including the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Treasury, Justice, Defense, and the Center for Disease Control. The National Security Agency, the main body tasked with protecting government assets from hackers, did not detect the breach.

Ministry of Defence's cyber warfare drive is helping burn a hole through its budget, warns UK's National Audit Office
2021-01-14 14:56

The Ministry of Defence's multibillion budget overrun has been caused in part because of its spending splurge on flashy new "Cyber" capabilities, according to the National Audit Office. The MoD faces a budget black hole measured in billions thanks to its profligacy - and even the announcement of a cash top-up of £4bn per year between now and 2024, on top of its £41.2bn annual budget, won't be enough to plug it, according to the auditors.

Cyberwarfare predicted to damage the economy in the coming year
2020-09-23 03:00

This is especially alarming during a period of unprecedented global disruption, as 50% of infosec professionals agree that the increase of cyberwarfare will be detrimental to the economy in the next 12 months. CISOs and infosec professionals however are shoring up their defenses - with 51% and 48% respectively stating that they believe they will need a strategy against cyberwarfare in the next 12-18 months.

U.S. Army Report Describes North Korea's Cyber Warfare Capabilities
2020-08-18 12:55

A report published recently by the U.S. Army describes North Korea's cyber warfare capabilities and provides information on various units and their missions. In terms of computer warfare, the Army says North Korea primarily conducts these types of attacks because they represent a low-cost and low-risk method for targeting the enemy's computers, they can be used to counter the enemy's superior conventional military capabilities, and they can "Upset the status quo with little fear of retaliation."

Review: Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies
2020-07-28 04:30

To help the reader understand the scale of today's cyber threats, the author explains the history behind them and how they kept pace with the evolution of information and communications technologies, as they became an essential part of out everyday lives. One must adapt to new circumstances posed by the cyber enemy.

Cyberwarfare: The changing role of force
2020-07-13 04:30

Whether used as a force multiplier for disinformation operations, for stand-alone projections of power or carefully calibrated escalations of conflict, cyber weapon use is growing on the international stage. Cyber superpowers cannot easily or effectively showcase their cyber arsenal of zero-days or the cyber-physical attack points they have access to within an enemy's critical infrastructure without significantly jeopardizing those same tools and access.

Art Coviello on Misinformation in the Age of Cyber Warfare
2019-12-26 13:33

When he was CEO of RSA, Art Coviello warned global security leaders about cyber warfare among nation-states. What he didn't anticipate was how quickly social media would rise, enabling adversaries...

US, Montenegro Plot Cyber Warfare Ahead of 2020 Elections
2019-11-19 16:47

Deployed inside the sprawling communist-era army command headquarters in Montenegro’s capital, an elite team of U.S. military cyber experts are plotting strategy in a fight against potential...

400G Triton cyber warfare simulation tool can replicate any attack
2019-08-22 09:16

Telesoft Technologies — a provider of cyber security technologies for high-density cyber environments, including network, government, and large organizations — has announced the release of Triton...

Why your business needs to work with the government to fight cyber warfare
2019-02-05 17:00

The US government will not be able to mitigate a cyber-enabled economic warfare attack without help from the private sector, according to a report from FDD and the Chertoff Group.