Security News

Chinese Cyber Espionage Targets Telecom Operators in Asia Since 2021
2024-06-20 10:22

Cyber espionage groups associated with China have been linked to a long-running campaign that has infiltrated several telecom operators located in a single Asian country at least since 2021. "The...

Chinese hacking groups team up in cyber espionage campaign
2024-06-05 20:06

Chinese state-sponsored actors have been targeting a government agency since at least March 2023 in a cyberespionage campaign that researchers track as Crimson Palace. According to a report from cybersecurity company Sophos, the campaign relied on new malware variants and three different activity clusters that indicate a coordinated attack.

Chinese State-Backed Cyber Espionage Targets Southeast Asian Government
2024-06-05 11:20

An unnamed high-profile government organization in Southeast Asia emerged as the target of a "complex, long-running" Chinese state-sponsored cyber espionage operation codenamed Crimson Palace....

New Nork-ish cyberespionage outfit uncovered after three years
2024-05-31 15:25

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Cyber Espionage Alert: LilacSquid Targets IT, Energy, and Pharma Sectors
2024-05-30 15:26

A previously undocumented cyber espionage-focused threat actor named LilacSquid has been linked to targeted attacks spanning various sectors in the United States (U.S.), Europe, and Asia as part...

Microsoft spots gift card thieves using cyber-espionage tactics
2024-05-23 19:28

Microsoft has published a "Cyber Signals" report sharing new information about the hacking group Storm-0539 and a sharp rise in gift card theft as we approach the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. The FBI previously warned about Storm-0539's activities earlier this month, highlighting the threat group's advanced techniques in conducting gift card theft and fraud, stating that their tactics resemble state-sponsored hackers and sophisticated cyberespionage actors.

Microsoft Warns: North Korean Hackers Turn to AI-Fueled Cyber Espionage
2024-04-22 07:12

Microsoft has revealed that North Korea-linked state-sponsored cyber actors has begun to use artificial intelligence (AI) to make its operations more effective and efficient. "They are learning to...

Two Chinese APT Groups Ramp Up Cyber Espionage Against ASEAN Countries
2024-03-27 04:20

Two China-linked advanced persistent threat (APT) groups have been observed targeting entities and member countries affiliated with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as part of a...

U.S. Charges 7 Chinese Nationals in Major 14-Year Cyber Espionage Operation
2024-03-26 12:06

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) on Monday unsealed indictments against seven Chinese nationals for their involvement in a hacking group that targeted U.S. and foreign critics, journalists,...

South Korean Citizen Detained in Russia on Cyber Espionage Charges
2024-03-12 06:32

Russia has detained a South Korean national for the first time on cyber espionage charges and transferred from Vladivostok to Moscow for further investigation. The development was first...