Security News

APT42 Hackers Pose as Journalists to Harvest Credentials and Access Cloud Data
2024-05-07 13:25

The Iranian state-backed hacking outfit called APT42 is making use of enhanced social engineering schemes to infiltrate target networks and cloud environments. Targets of the attack...

New SOHO router malware aims for cloud accounts, internal company resources
2024-05-02 11:39

Cuttlefish, a new malware family that targets enterprise-grade small office/home office routers, is used by criminals to steal account credentials / secrets for AWS, CloudFlare, Docker, BitBucket, Alibaba Cloud and other cloud-based services. "With the stolen key material, the actor not only retrieves cloud resources associated with the targeted entity but gains a foothold into that cloud ecosystem," Black Lotus Labs researchers noted.

New Cuttlefish Malware Hijacks Router Connections, Sniffs for Cloud Credentials
2024-05-02 05:04

A new malware called Cuttlefish is targeting small office and home office (SOHO) routers with the goal of stealthily monitoring all traffic through the devices and gather authentication data from...

Why cloud vulnerabilities need CVEs
2024-05-01 05:00

Patch network security isn't applicable in the same way for cloud environments, and few cloud providers assign Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures identifiers to vulnerabilities. For vulnerability management teams who talk exclusively in this CVE-based construct, the lack of CVEs in cloud services is a significant challenge.

Building a strong cloud security posture
2024-05-01 03:30

In this Help Net Security video, David Kellerman, Field CTO at Cymulate, discusses how cloud security still seems to lag even as the cloud grows in popularity and usage. Many leaders are unaware that they need to secure the cloud the same way they would on-prem infrastructure and that the responsibility falls to them, not cloud providers, to do the work.

eBook: Cloud security skills
2024-04-24 02:45

Demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security key principles and practices opens various professional opportunities. But first, you need the right mix of technical and soft skills to...

Misconfigured cloud server leaked clues of North Korean animation scam
2024-04-23 05:26

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The first steps of establishing your cloud security strategy
2024-04-22 07:01

In this article, we'll identify some first steps you can take to establish your cloud security strategy. We'll do so by discussing the cloud security impact of individual, concrete actions featured within the CIS Critical Security Controls and the CIS Benchmarks.

Cloud Console Cartographer: Open-source tool helps security teams transcribe log activity
2024-04-22 04:30

Cloud Console Cartographer is an open-source tool that maps noisy log activity into highly consolidated, succinct events to help security practitioners cut through the noise and understand console behavior in their environment. "Infrastructure as code has replaced a lot of the need for console access for many organizations, but there are still plenty of instances where the console is still being used, and in some cases, you need to use the AWS console to perform certain actions. Cloud Console Cartographer cuts through the noise generated in logs by those console sessions," Daniel Bohannon, Permiso's Principal Threat Researcher, told Help Net Security.

Breakthrough in Quantum Cloud Computing Ensures its Security and Privacy
2024-04-19 18:19

The researchers used an approach dubbed 'blind quantum computing' to connect two quantum computing entities; this simulates the situation where an employee at home or in an office remotely connects to a quantum server via the cloud. Professor David Lucas, the co-head of the Oxford University Physics research team, said in a press release: "We have shown for the first time that quantum computing in the cloud can be accessed in a scalable, practical way which will also give people complete security and privacy of data, plus the ability to verify its authenticity."