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Signatures should become cloud security history
2024-07-18 03:00

It's becoming evident that the legacy practice of signature-based threat detection needs to be improved for cloud security challenges. In this Help Net Security video, Jimmy Mesta, CTO at RAD Security, discusses a new proposed standard for creating behavioral fingerprints of open-source image behavior at runtime.

Managing Cloud Security Posture: Continuous Monitoring and Hardening for Visibility and Compliance
2024-06-17 16:00

Cloud adoption is not slowing down, and neither is the cloud threat landscape. Despite delivering many goodies, API endpoints hosted in the cloud can be susceptible to at least 12 security issues.

eBook: 10 reasons why demand for cloud security is sky-high
2024-05-21 02:45

Current demand for cloud security specialists far exceeds available talent. Especially for companies seeking protection in multicloud environments, professionals with vendor-neutral knowledge and...

Cloud security incidents make organizations turn to AI-powered prevention
2024-05-16 03:30

Cloud security incidents are alarmingly on the rise, with 61% of organizations reporting breaches within the last year, marking a significant increase from 24% the year before, according to Check...

7 Best Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) Tools for 2024
2024-05-14 15:00

What is the best CSPM tool for your business? Use our guide to review our picks for the best cloud security posture management (CSPM) tools.

The Fundamentals of Cloud Security Stress Testing
2024-05-08 10:58

״Defenders think in lists, attackers think in graphs,” said John Lambert from Microsoft, distilling the fundamental difference in mindset between those who defend IT systems and those who try to...

Building a strong cloud security posture
2024-05-01 03:30

In this Help Net Security video, David Kellerman, Field CTO at Cymulate, discusses how cloud security still seems to lag even as the cloud grows in popularity and usage. Many leaders are unaware that they need to secure the cloud the same way they would on-prem infrastructure and that the responsibility falls to them, not cloud providers, to do the work.

eBook: Cloud security skills
2024-04-24 02:45

Demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security key principles and practices opens various professional opportunities. But first, you need the right mix of technical and soft skills to...

The first steps of establishing your cloud security strategy
2024-04-22 07:01

In this article, we'll identify some first steps you can take to establish your cloud security strategy. We'll do so by discussing the cloud security impact of individual, concrete actions featured within the CIS Critical Security Controls and the CIS Benchmarks.

Exposing the top cloud security threats
2024-04-15 04:00

Many companies consider AI-powered threats to be the top cloud security threat to their business. Concerningly, less than half are confident in their ability to tackle those threats, according to a recent Aqua Security survey.