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Meet clickjacking's slicker cousin, 'gesture jacking,' aka 'cross window forgery'
2024-04-03 06:33

Your profile can be used to present content that appears more relevant based on your possible interests, such as by adapting the order in which content is shown to you, so that it is even easier for you to find content that matches your interests. Content presented to you on this service can be based on your content personalisation profiles, which can reflect your activity on this or other services, possible interests and personal aspects.

Fake Clickjacking Bug Bounty Reports: The Key Facts
2022-05-16 04:21

Are you aware of fake clickjacking bug bounty reports? If not, you should be. How to identify a fake clickjacking bug bounty report?

Web clickjacking fraud makes a comeback thanks to JavaScript tricks
2019-08-29 14:30

More than a decade after hitting the headlines, clickjacking fraud remains an under-reported hazard on hundreds of popular websites.

iFrame clickjacking countermeasures appear in Chrome source code. And it only took *checks calendar* three years
2019-08-19 09:04

After inaction, technical changes promise better fraud defense Three years ago, Google software engineer Ali Juma proposed that Chrome should be modified to ignore recently moved iframe elements...

Clickjacking Evolves to Hook Millions of Visitors to Top Sites
2019-08-15 16:16

Researchers said that clickjacking is a threat that's evolving, with new tactics just starting to emerge.

Almost all Android users vulnerable to Accessibility Clickjacking attacks (Help Net Security)
2016-05-17 20:03

Symantec researchers recently posited that Android banking malware with screen overlay capabilities might soon start tricking users into turning on Android’s Accessibility Service, so that it can...