Security News

Betabot steals passwords, downloads ransomware (Help Net Security)
2016-09-02 11:45

The infamous and ever-changing Betabot information-stealing Trojan is back again, and has been observed downloading another well-known threat – the Cerber ransomware. Of course, before doing that,...

Linux servers hit with FairWare ransomware – or is it just a scam? (Help Net Security)
2016-08-30 18:00

Users posting on Bleeping Computer’s forums have alerted the world to a new threat targeting Linux server admins: the FairWare ransomware. Whether the ransomware actually exists or not is still up...

The evolution of BEC scams and ransomware (Help Net Security)
2016-08-25 13:12

Trend Micro analyzed the trends in attacks and vulnerabilities seen throughout the first half of this year, and found a rise and impact of attacks, such as a 172 percent increase in ransomware and...