Security News

Amazon: AWS root accounts must have MFA enabled
2023-10-04 08:52

Amazon wants to make it more difficult for attackers to compromise Amazon Web Services root accounts, by requiring those account holders to enable multi-factor authentication. The root account holder is the first identity created when creating an AWS account and the most privileged user, as it has access to all AWS services and resources in the account.

Think Your MFA and PAM Solutions Protect You? Think Again
2023-09-18 12:21

A new report, produced by Osterman Research and commissioned by Silverfort, reveals that MFA and PAM solutions are almost never deployed comprehensively enough to provide resilience to identity threats. The identity attack surface is any organizational resource that can be accessed via username and password.

Retool blames breach on Google Authenticator MFA cloud sync feature
2023-09-15 19:15

Hack blamed on new Google Authenticator sync feature. Retool is blaming the success of the hack on a new feature in Google Authenticator that allows users to synchronize their 2FA codes with their Google account.

W3LL phishing kit hijacks thousands of Microsoft 365 accounts, bypasses MFA
2023-09-06 10:33

A threat actor known as W3LL developed a phishing kit that can bypass multi-factor authentication along with other tools that compromised more than 8,000 Microsoft 365 corporate accounts. In ten months, security researchers discovered that W3LL's utilities and infrastructure were used to set up about 850 phishing that targeted credentials for more than 56,000 Microsoft 365 accounts.

Okta: Hackers target IT help desks to gain Super Admin, disable MFA
2023-09-04 15:29

The attackers' goal was to hijack highly-privileged Okta Super Administrator accounts to access and abuse identity federation features that allowed impersonating users from the compromised organization. After a successful compromise of a Super Admin account, the threat actor used anonymizing proxy services, a fresh IP address, and a new device.

Cisco VPNs with no MFA enabled hit by ransomware groups
2023-08-31 11:34

Since March 2023, affiliates of the Akira and LockBit ransomware operators have been breaching organizations via Cisco ASA SSL VPN appliances. "In some cases, adversaries have conducted credential stuffing attacks that leveraged weak or default passwords; in others, the activity we've observed appears to be the result of targeted brute-force attacks on ASA appliances where multi-factor authentication was either not enabled or was not enforced for all users," Rapid7 researchers said on Tuesday.

Cyberattacks through Browser Extensions – the Importance of MFA
2023-07-13 14:02

The extension enabled threat actors to monitor browser history, take screenshots, and inject malicious scripts that targeted cryptocurrency exchanges. Multiple malicious extensions target user installations, leading to a real danger of data exfiltration and system compromise.

LastPass users furious after being locked out due to MFA resets
2023-06-24 14:15

LastPass password manager users have been experiencing significant login issues starting early May after being prompted to reset their authenticator apps. Since then, numerous users have been locked out of their accounts and unable to access their LastPass vault, even after successfully resetting their MFA applications.

Small organizations outpace large enterprises in MFA adoption
2023-06-15 03:00

MFA authentication has steadily gained traction across organizations and industries, largely due to its critical role in mitigating cybersecurity risks. Organizations with fewer than 300 employees exceed the MFA use of enterprises with more than 20,000 employees.

Beyond MFA: 3 steps to improve security and reduce customer authentication friction
2023-06-14 04:40

Well-designed MFA methods continue to have a place in an organization's security ecosystem, and MFA is required to comply with many global regulations such as HIPPA, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, GDPR, and the EU's Payment Services Directive 2. Organizations need protections that go beyond MFA. But MFA controls also generate considerable friction, causing customer frustration and negatively impacting business revenue.