Security News

Week in review: Norsk Hydro cyber attack, Android privacy, exploiting IMAP to bypass MFA
2019-03-24 18:00

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news and articles: Norsk Hydro cyber attack: What happened? “Hydro subject to cyber-attack,” warned Oslo-headquartered Norsk Hydro ASA,...

Attackers are exploiting IMAP to bypass MFA on Office 365, G Suite accounts
2019-03-20 12:21

Where possible, and especially for important accounts such as Office 365 and G Suite accounts, the prevailing advice for users is to enable two-factor authentication. Unfortunately, that security...

Hackers Bypass MFA on Cloud Accounts via IMAP Protocol
2019-03-15 15:50

Over the past several months, threat actors have been increasingly targeting Office 365 and G Suite cloud accounts that are using the legacy IMAP protocol, in an attempt to bypass multi-factor...

Find out what your peers are saying about Office 365 MFA
2018-12-05 06:00

Specops Software ran a global survey that gauged satisfaction with Office 365 MFA among other O365 adoption initiatives. Not surprisingly, most respondents are not satisfied with Microsoft’s O365...

Microsoft’s Office 365 MFA security crashes for second time
2018-11-29 09:59

Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Active Directory has fallen over for the second time in a week.

Key reasons holding back MFA adoption by mainframe customers
2018-11-28 03:15

While 64 per cent of mainframers are aware that multi-factor authentication (MFA) is now available to control access to mainframe applications, only 20 per cent acknowledge their organization is...

Microsoft’s MFA is so strong, it locked out users for 8 hours
2018-11-21 13:11

It's a long time for Office 365 and Azure AD users to be locked out of such an important business platform, but MFA remains a good idea.

Microsoft ADFS flaw allows attackers to bypass MFA safeguards
2018-08-14 23:19

A vulnerability (CVE-2018-8340) in Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) allows a second authentication factor for one account to be used for all other accounts in an organization,...

Enhancements to OneLogin’s platform advance MFA adoption in the enterprise
2018-08-02 09:45

OneLogin announced platform enhancements that advance Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adoption in the enterprise with a new login experience and the release of OneLogin Protect 4.0...

Entrust Datacard makes investment in CensorNet and acquires its MFA technology solution
2018-07-31 19:50

Entrust Datacard announced that it has made a strategic investment in CensorNet to propel Entrust Datacard toward achieving real-time threat awareness with enhanced pattern analysis for continuous...