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ViperSoftX Malware Disguises as eBooks on Torrents to Spread Stealthy Attacks
2024-07-10 05:35

The sophisticated malware known as ViperSoftX has been observed being distributed as eBooks over torrents. "A notable aspect of the current variant of ViperSoftX is that it uses the Common Language Runtime to dynamically load and run PowerShell commands, thereby creating a PowerShell environment within AutoIt for operations," Trellix security researchers Mathanraj Thangaraju and Sijo Jacob said.

eBook: CISO guide to password security
2024-06-20 02:45

Please turn on your JavaScript for this page to function normally. Password security has seen dramatic shifts driven by the escalation of cyber threats and technological advancements.

eBook: The Art & Science of Secure Software Development
2024-06-18 08:34

Software security requires a creative and disciplined approach. It involves having the vision to develop secure strategy, tactics, and execution. Excelling in the discipline demands thinking...

eBook: Breaking bad actors
2024-06-04 13:22

There’s never been a better time to deepen your skills in cybersecurity as the demand for experienced experts continues to grow. Learn how to break today’s bad actors in the eBook. Inside the...

eBook: 10 reasons why demand for cloud security is sky-high
2024-05-21 02:45

Current demand for cloud security specialists far exceeds available talent. Especially for companies seeking protection in multicloud environments, professionals with vendor-neutral knowledge and...

eBook: CISSP fundamentals in focus
2024-05-06 02:30

From the technical tools that help manage access control to non-technical skills like collaboration, learn about the fundamentals required in cybersecurity – and how CISSP guides you with the...

eBook: Do you have what it takes to lead in cybersecurity?
2024-04-30 02:30

Organizations worldwide need talented, experienced, and knowledgeable cybersecurity teams who understand the advantages and risks of emerging technologies. Aspiring leaders in the cybersecurity...

eBook: Cloud security skills
2024-04-24 02:45

Demonstrating a sound understanding of cloud security key principles and practices opens various professional opportunities. But first, you need the right mix of technical and soft skills to...

eBook: Why CISSP?
2024-04-15 11:14

As new cyber threats emerge daily in our connected world, there’s never been a greater urgency for cybersecurity professionals than now. What can CISSP certification do for you? In the eBook, hear...

eBook: Defending the Infostealer Threat
2023-12-05 03:45

Enterprises' increasing digital reliance has fueled an array of cybersecurity threats. One rapidly growing area is information-stealing malware known as infostealers, which is malicious software designed to steal data.