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Digital ID adoption: Implementation and security concerns
2024-05-27 03:30

As digital transformation accelerates, understanding how businesses are preparing for and implementing digital ID technologies is crucial for staying ahead in security and efficiency, according to Regula. A digital ID is an online representation of an individual containing personal information, credentials, and attributes used to establish and authenticate identity in digital spaces.

NHS Digital hints at exploit sightings of Arcserve UDP vulnerabilities
2024-05-14 09:29

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Dropbox Discloses Breach of Digital Signature Service Affecting All Users
2024-05-02 10:19

Cloud storage services provider Dropbox on Wednesday disclosed that Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) was breached by unidentified threat actors, who accessed emails, usernames, and general...

Checklist: Securing Digital Information
2024-04-11 16:00

Digital information is generally the lifeblood of any given organization, containing essential company data needed to run the business. Paperless offices have become the norm across industries and remote work depends on the ability to share electronic information for communication, announcements and collaboration.

Location tracking and the battle for digital privacy
2024-04-03 05:00

The data broker market for location tracking is a more than $12B a year industry that is rife with serious privacy issues. What's on the line for consumers, beyond helping you book a ride or check the weather? If your data is sold to a data broker, the answer can be A LOT. Of all the types of personal data collected without our knowing every day, precise location data is perhaps the most concerning.

Debunking compliance myths in the digital era
2024-03-28 06:00

CPA firms taking advantage of compliance software to connect to a company's operations means an audit doesn't need to take such a large chunk of time, and businesses can keep their momentum. These compliance tools aggregate and store information, complete daily security testing, monitor results, and highlight potential issues, simplifying the data-gathering process for auditors and sparing companies time validating their operations.

Forget TikTok – Chinese spies want to steal IP by backdooring digital locks
2024-03-14 23:35

In a letter to National Counterintelligence and Security Center director Michael Casey, US senator Ron Wyden urged the White House threat-intel arm to sound the alarm on commercial safes and locks. Most commercially available safes include manufacturer reset codes for their locks to help consumers if they lose or forget the code they set.

What organizations need to know about the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
2024-03-05 04:30

Lovejoy discusses the alignment between DORA and NIS2 directives, the timeline for DORA's implementation, and the imperative steps organizations must take to ensure compliance by the 2025 deadline. How will DORA impact organizations across the EU, particularly regarding ICT risk management and cybersecurity?

Enterprises’ progress in digital trust implementation is far from great
2024-02-27 04:30

While digital trust overwhelmingly remains a critical focus for all enterprises, the latest report from DigiCert shines a light on the growing divide between the 'leaders', and the 'laggards'. The top 33% digital 'trust leaders' enjoyed higher revenue, better digital innovation and higher employee productivity.

China warns of fake digital currency wallets fleecing netizens
2024-02-27 04:02

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has warned local netizens that fake wallet apps for the nation's central bank digital currency are already circulating and being abused by scammers. Using the digital currency requires an app - here's the iOS version - and a link to a bank account.