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Huawei: US Trade Ban Will Make 2020 'Difficult'
2019-12-31 18:03

Company Forging Ahead Even As National Security Concerns LingerIn a message to employees, Huawei's rotating Chairman Eric Xu says the company is preparing for a "difficult" 2020 as security...

Wearable industrial tech is coming to a production line near you
2019-12-31 16:53

From VR training to heads-up schematics, industrial wearables may be the wave of the future.

Microsoft Removes 50 Domains Tied to North Korean Hackers
2019-12-31 15:04

Company Says Malicious Sites Used For Spear-Phishing and Malware AttacksMicrosoft has taken control of 50 domains that the company says were used by a hacking group with ties to North Korea. The...

7 Tips for Maximizing Your SOC
2019-12-31 14:00

Use the seven points listed above to create an effective and efficient operational workflow and, importantly, happier analysts who aren't buried at the bottom of a pile of mostly irrelevant data.

2020 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch
2019-12-31 11:01

Mobile becomes a prime phishing attack vector, hackers will increasingly employ machine learning in attacks and cloud will increasingly be seen as fertile ground for compromise.

Report: Cloud Hopper Attacks Affected More MSPs
2019-12-31 09:48

Wall Street Journal Names Companies Affected By Tenacious Chinese HackersA persistent question over the past several years is which managed service providers were affected by APT10, a tenacious...

A CISO's Security Predictions for 2020
2019-12-31 08:48

As Threats Continue to Evolve, So too Must DefensesThe cybersecurity outlook for 2020 and the new decade will be characterized by more advanced, targeted and coordinated attack vectors designed to...

Health Data Security: Federal, State Trends for 2020
2019-12-31 08:19

While Congress is unlikely to pass major new national cybersecurity legislation in an election year, federal regulators and state attorneys general will be busy addressing evolving health data...

2020: The Year of Zero Trust?
2019-12-31 08:18

"Zero Trust" security is rapidly transitioning from a marketing buzzword to a practical methodology for protecting today's global networks. Stan Lowe, global CISO of Zscaler, shares his 2020...

Chivalric Disorder as Knight and Dame Data Goes Errant
2019-12-31 08:18

British Government Apologizes for New Year's Honors List Recipient Data BreachHuman error looks to be the obvious culprit in an accidental data breach by Britain's Cabinet Office, which published...