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APT15 Pokes Its Head Out With Upgraded MirageFox RAT
2018-06-19 21:58

This is the first evidence of the China-linked threat actor's activity since hacked the U.K. government and military in 2017 (which wasn't made public until 2018).

China-Linked APT15 Develops New 'MirageFox' Malware
2018-06-18 04:38

A cyber-espionage group believed to be operating out of China has developed a new piece of malware that appears to be based on one of the first tools used by the threat actor. read more

China-Linked APT15 Used Myriad of New Tools To Hack UK Government Contractor
2018-03-13 16:16

Cyber espionage group APT15 is back, this time stealing sensitive data from a UK government contractor.