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QR code attacks target organizations in ways they least expect
2024-02-13 04:00

QR code attacks are the latest evolution of traditional phishing, where threat actors use social engineering to manipulate targets into interacting with malicious QR codes. While every employee is at risk, C-Suite executives were 42 times more likely to receive QR code attacks than the average employee.

Friday Squid Blogging: Influencer Accidentally Posts Restaurant Table QR Ordering Code
2023-12-08 22:03

The woman-who has only been identified by her surname, Wang-was having a meal with friends at a hotpot restaurant in Kunming, a city in southwest China. When everyone's selections arrived at the table, she posted a photo of the spread on the Chinese social media platform WeChat.

How Multi-Stage Phishing Attacks Exploit QRs, CAPTCHAs, and Steganography
2023-11-21 10:40

Phishing attacks are steadily becoming more sophisticated, with cybercriminals investing in new ways of deceiving victims into revealing sensitive information or installing malicious software. One...

Spam is up, QR codes emerge as a significant threat vector
2023-09-04 04:30

85% of phishing emails utilized malicious links in the content of the email, and spam emails increased by 30% from Q1 to Q2 2023, according to a VIPRE report. Information technology organizations also overtook financial institutions as the most targeted sector for phishing in Q2 as compared to VIPRE's previous quarterly report.

Major US Energy Company Hit by QR Code Phishing Campaign
2023-08-24 21:29

Cofense, a U.S.-based email security company, released a new report about a massive QR code phishing campaign that targets numerous industries. QR codes are not often used in phishing campaigns; cybercriminals tend to use them more in day-to-day life, leaving QR codes in different places so curious people will scan them and possibly get scammed or infected by malware.

Phishers use QR codes to target companies in various industries
2023-08-17 09:31

A phishing campaign using QR codes has been detected targeting various industries, with the aim to acquire Microsoft credentials. "The most notable target, a major Energy company based in the US, saw about 29% of the over 1000 emails containing malicious QR codes. Other top 4 targeted industries include Manufacturing, Insurance, Technology, and Financial Services seeing 15%, 9%, 7%, and 6% of the campaign traffic respectively," said Nathaniel Raymond, cyber threat intelligence analyst at Cofense.

Major U.S. energy org targeted in QR code phishing attack
2023-08-16 14:16

A phishing campaign was observed predominantly targeting a notable energy company in the US, employing QR codes to slip malicious emails into inboxes and bypass security. According to Cofense, who spotted this campaign, this is the first time that QR codes have been used at this scale, indicating that more phishing actors may be testing their effectiveness as an attack vector.

QR codes used in fake parking tickets, surveys to steal your money
2023-05-08 15:32

As QR codes continue to be heavily used by legitimate organizations-from Super Bowl advertisements to enforcing parking fees and fines, scammers have crept in to abuse the very technology for their nefarious purposes. A woman in Singapore reportedly lost $20,000 after using a QR code to fill out a "Survey" at a bubble tea shop, whereas cases of fake car parking citations with QR codes targeting drivers have been observed in the U.S. and the U.K. Striking while you're asleep.

Threat actors are experimenting with QR codes
2023-03-21 04:30

The rise of QR scan scams: Since October 2022, HP has seen almost daily QR code "Scan scam" campaigns. These scams trick users into scanning QR codes from their PCs using their mobile devices - potentially to take advantage of weaker phishing protection and detection on such devices.

QR Code Scam
2022-12-28 18:14

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