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Avast: Stolen VPN Credentials Led to CCleaner Attack Redux
2019-10-23 12:48

Avast Says CCleaner Versions Are Malware-FreeAvast's CCleaner utility is popular - with attackers. For the second time in two years, the company says it believes CCleaner was the intended targeted...

Avast lobs intruders into the 'Abiss': Miscreants tried to tamper with CCleaner after sneaking into network via VPN
2019-10-21 18:54

Poorly secured opening in security blamed On Monday, security biz Avast said it believes some of its credentials were stolen and abused in an unsuccessful attempt to subvert CCleaner, a file...

Avast Network Breached As Hackers Target CCleaner Again
2019-10-21 15:33

Avast said it believes that threat actors are again looking to target CCleaner in a supply chain attack.

Avast breached by hackers who wanted to compromise CCleaner again
2019-10-21 10:39

Czech security software maker Avast has suffered another malicious intrusion into their networks, but the attackers didn’t accomplish what they apparently wanted: compromise releases of the...

TSMC chip fab tools hit by virus, payment biz BGP hijacked, CCleaner gets weird – and more
2018-08-04 10:03

What else is gong on in infosec this week... Roundup This week we took a close look at Google security keys, bid adieu to Facebook's head security honcho, and had a few email credentials...

CCleaner Adds Data Collection Feature With No Way to Opt-Out
2018-08-02 13:33

Like many others, do you also believe that the popular system-cleaning tool CCleaner was performing well before Avast acquired the software from Piriform last year? If yes, then pop-up...

CCleaner Attack Timeline—Here's How Hackers Infected 2.3 Million PCs
2018-04-18 07:33

Last year, the popular system cleanup software CCleaner suffered a massive supply-chain malware attack of all times, wherein hackers compromised the company's servers for more than a month and...

CCleaner Attackers Intended To Deploy Keylogger In Third Stage
2018-03-12 16:49

As investigations continue about the backdoor that was planted in CCleaner, Avast said it has found that the actors behind the attack were planning to install a third round of malware on...

CCleaner Incident Investigation Reveals Possible Stage 3 Payload
2018-03-08 17:42

CANCUN - KASPERSKY SECURITY ANALYST SUMMIT - The investigation into the September 2017 CCleaner incident has revealed what appears to be a stage three payload that attackers supposedly intended to...

Inside the CCleaner Backdoor Attack
2017-10-05 09:18

Two members of Avast's threat intelligence team shared new information about the CCleaner backdoor attack.