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Apple enters AI arms race with new Apple Intelligence feature
2024-06-10 21:57

Apple unveiled its new 'Apple Intelligence' feature today at its 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference, finally unveiling its generative AI strategy that will power new personalized experiences on Apple devices.

"Apple Intelligence is the personal intelligence system that puts powerful generative models right at the core of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac," explained Apple during the WWDC keynote.

Apple Intelligence will also enhance the usability of Siri by allowing you to make human language requests to access your information, like asking Siri to "Open the email I received yesterday from Mom.".

Apple says they built Apple Intelligence from the ground up with privacy in mind by performing almost all of its processing locally on the device.

Malware on these devices could theoretically attempt to steal the Apple Intelligence semantic index for offline viewing, if files will be unencrypted when a user is logged in.

Apple has also not shared if they plan on turning Apple Intelligence off when a device is in Lockdown mode, a feature that strictly restricts various features on Apple devices to increase high-risk users' privacy and security.

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