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Vultur banking malware for Android poses as McAfee Security app
2024-03-30 15:56

Security researchers found a new version of the Vultur banking trojan for Android that includes more advanced remote control capabilities and an improved evasion mechanism.

A report from Fox-IT, part of the NCC Group, warns that a new, more evasive version of Vultur spreads to victims through a hybrid attack that relies on smishing and phone calls that trick the targets into installing a version of the malware that masquerades as the McAfee Security app.

The call is answered by a fraudster who persuades the victim to open the link arriving with a second SMS, which directs to a site that offers a modified version of the McAfee Security app.

Inside the trojanized McAfee Security app is the 'Brunhilda' malware dropper.

The latest version of Vultur malware that researchers analyzed keeps several key features from older iterations, such as screen recording, keylogging, and remote access via AlphaVNC and ngrok, allowing attackers real-time monitoring and control.

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