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Google Cloud’s Nick Godfrey Talks Security, Budget and AI for CISOs
2024-02-12 14:51

As senior director and global head of the office of the chief information security officer at Google Cloud, Nick Godfrey oversees educating employees on cybersecurity as well as handling threat detection and mitigation.

We conducted an interview with Godfrey via video call about how CISOs and other tech-focused business leaders can allocate their finite resources, getting buy-in on security from other stakeholders, and the new challenges and opportunities introduced by generative AI. Since Godfrey is based in the United Kingdom, we asked his perspective on UK-specific considerations as well.

Nick Godfrey: One of the most important things to think about when determining how to best allocate the finite resources that any CISO has or any organization has is the balance of buying pure-play security products and security services versus thinking about the kind of underlying technology risks that the organization has.

They shouldn't just think of security spend as security spend; they should think about quite a lot of technology spend as security spend.

Must-read security coverage Security considerations around generative AI. Megan Crouse: One of those major global tech shifts is generative AI. What security considerations around generative AI specifically should companies keep an eye out for today?

Nick Godfrey: At a high level, the way we think about the intersection of security and AI is to put it into three buckets.

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