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Cloud migration expands the CISO role yet again
2024-06-11 04:30

The CISO role used to be focused primarily on information security - creating and implementing policies to safeguard an organization's data and IT infrastructure from cybersecurity threats.

As organizations rapidly migrate to cloud environments, the responsibilities and challenges for CISOs have expanded significantly.

Many GRC frameworks already include security controls and best practices, making it imperative for CISOs to play a role in implementing such controls and ensuring compliance.

With the new requirement to report material cyber incidents within days of determining their significance, organizations and the CISOs charged with protecting them have very little time to put together a disclosure that accurately describes the incident's material impact.

The latest SEC rules, echoing PCI-DSS and SOC2 changes, change the role CISOs play within their organizations.

These changes require a more structured and proactive approach because CISOs must now be aware of compliance status in near real-time, not only to provide all cybersecurity incident data and context to the board, compliance teams, and finance teams, but to ensure they can determine quickly whether an incident has a material impact and therefore must be reported to the SEC. CISOs who miss making a timely disclosure or have the wrong security and compliance strategy in place can expect to be fined, even if the incident doesn't turn into a catastrophic cybersecurity event.

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