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Microsoft expands access to cloud logging data for free after Exchange hacks
2023-07-19 15:39

Microsoft is expanding access to additional cloud logging data for customers worldwide at no additional cost, allowing easier detection of breached networks and accounts.

This wider availability comes after Chinese hackers stole a Microsoft signing key that allowed them to breach corporate and government Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365 accounts to steal email.

Today, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, more commonly known as CISA, announced that it has been working with Microsoft to identify critical logging data points that should be included for all Microsoft customers for free.

Due to these discussions, and likely the recent attacks, Microsoft says that they are expanding access to the premium cloud logging to all customers for free, with more becoming available in September 2023.

"Today we are expanding Microsoft's cloud logging accessibility and flexibility even further. Over the coming months, we will include access to wider cloud security logs for our worldwide customers at no additional cost," said Microsoft in a new post on the expanded logging.

To access this data, Microsoft customers can use Microsoft Purview Audit to see detailed logs of email access and 30 other data points previously only available to licensed customers.

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