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CloudPets May Be Out of Business, But Security Concerns Remain
2018-06-07 15:48

Amazon, Target and Walmart have pulled the bears from their online markets; but it's the installed base of the connected cuddlies that should be of greater concern.

Hackable CloudPets pulled from Target, Walmart, Amazon and more
2018-06-07 11:04

The stuffed toys are stuffed with security problems that we've known about for over a year.

Senator Demands Answers About CloudPets Breach (Threatpost)
2017-03-08 20:41

A U.S. senator from Florida sent Spiral Toys CEO Mark Meyers a letter demanding answers about the recent CloudPets breach.

Week in review: MySQL databases held for ransom, CloudPets as surveillance devices (Help Net Security)
2017-03-05 18:01

Here’s an overview of some of last week’s most interesting news, podcasts and articles: Google releases details, PoC exploit code for IE, Edge flaw As we’re impatiently waiting for Microsoft to...

CloudPets Notifies California AG of Data Breach (Threatpost)
2017-03-01 20:40

Spiral Toys has filed a breach notification with the California Attorney General's office informing them of the CloudPets data breach.

CloudPets connected toys can be turned into remote surveillance devices (Help Net Security)
2017-03-01 16:49

The CloudPets data breach saga continues, as Spiral Toys finally reported the breach to the California Attorney General’s Office. As a reminder: Leaked data provided to security researcher Troy...

Children’s Voice Messages Leaked in CloudPets Database Breach (Threatpost)
2017-02-28 17:22

Voice messages from children sent through an internet-connected toy called CloudPets were stolen from an exposed MongoDB database, which has been wiped clean and the data held for ransom.