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How AI helps decode cybercriminal strategies
2024-07-11 04:30

In the field of threat intelligence there are specific ways in which AI tools are showing huge promise for cybersecurity teams, including in lifting the lid on dark web threats.

There is a role for AI in gathering data from the dark web, applying structure to it, and ultimately turning it into intelligence that organizations can use to inform their security strategy.

The dark web is a perfect use case for AI. The dark web represents a classic case of unstructured, disparate, and difficult-to-analyze data.

Another potential use case of AI is in quickly identifying and alerting specific threats relating to an organization, helping with the prioritization of intelligence.

As AI innovations make gathering intelligence easier and less resource-intensive, there is a high likelihood that it will enable smaller cybersecurity teams to undertake more sophisticated threat intelligence activities such as actively monitoring the dark web for potential threats against their organization.

Looking beyond the hype, AI could prove to be a major catalyst in bringing proactive dark web monitoring into the mainstream.

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