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Life360 says hacker tried to extort them after Tile data breach
2024-06-12 16:45

"Similar to many other companies, Life360 recently became the victim of a criminal extortion attempt. We received emails from an unknown actor claiming to possess Tile customer information," Life360 CEO Chris Hulls said.

The exposed data "Does not include more sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, passwords or log-in credentials, location data, or government-issued identification numbers, because the Tile customer support platform did not contain these information types," Hulls added.

The company has yet to reveal when the breach was detected or how many customers were impacted by the resulting data breach.

While Life360 didn't provide many details regarding this breach, 404 Media reported on Wednesday that the hacker used what are believed to be the stolen credentials of a former Tile employee to gain access to multiple Tile systems.

The threat actor said that one of the compromised tools helps find Tile customers based on their phone numbers or private hash IDs and "Initiate data access, location, or law enforcement requests," while others presumably allowed creating admin users, pushing alerts to Tile users, and transfer Tile device ownership.

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