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American Express credit cards exposed in vendor data breach
2024-03-04 13:38

American Express is warning customers that credit cards were exposed in a third-party data breach after one of its service providers was hacked.

In a data breach notification filed with the state of Massachusetts, American Express said that the breach occurred at one of its service providers used by their travel services division, American Express Travel Related Services Company.

The breach has led to customers' American Express Card account numbers, names, and card expiration data being accessed by the hackers.

American Express did say that they have notified the required regulatory authorities and are alerting impacted customers.

"When we learn about a data security incident that impacts our customers, we promptly begin an investigation and notify the appropriate regulatory authorities, as required," American Express told BleepingComputer.

If a cardmember's credit card is used to make fraudulent purchases, American Express told BleepingComputer that customers would not be responsible for the charges.

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