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Ransomware attack forces 18 Romanian hospitals to go offline
2024-02-12 12:39

At least 18 hospitals in Romania were knocked offline after a ransomware attack took down their healthcare management system.

The Hipocrate Information System used by hospitals to manage medical activity and patient data was targeted over the weekend and is now offline after its database was encrypted.

"During the night of 11-12 February 2024, a massive ransomware cyber-attack targeted the production servers running the HIS information system. As a result of the attack, the system is down, files and databases are encrypted," the Romanian Ministry of Health said.

The ransomware attack affected various hospitals across Romania, including regional and cancer treatment centers, and a team of DNSC cybersecurity experts is currently investigating the cyber incident.

At the moment, there is no information on what ransomware operation encrypted the hospitals' medical services management platform or if the patients' personal or medical data was also stolen during the incident.

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