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Ransomware attack forces 100 Romanian hospitals to go offline
2024-02-12 12:39

100 hospitals across Romania have taken their systems offline after a ransomware attack hit their healthcare management system.

The Hipocrate Information System used by hospitals to manage medical activity and patient data was targeted over the weekend and is now offline after its database was encrypted.

While 25 hospitals have already been confirmed to have had their data encrypted by the attackers, 75 other healthcare facilities using HIS have also taken their systems offline as a precautionary measure while the incident is investigated.

The ransomware attack affected various hospitals across Romania, including regional and cancer treatment centers, with a team of DNSC cybersecurity experts currently investigating the attack's impact.

DNSC says the attackers used Backmydata ransomware to encrypt the hospitals' data, a ransomware variant from the Phobos family.

Update February 12, 11:29 EST: Added DNSC statement saying the hospitals had backups and the attackers used Backmydata ransomware.

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