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FBI: Androxgh0st malware botnet steals AWS, Microsoft credentials
2024-01-16 17:34

CISA and the FBI warned today that threat actors using Androxgh0st malware are building a botnet focused on cloud credential theft and using the stolen information to deliver additional malicious payloads.

"Androxgh0st is a Python-scripted malware primarily used to target.env files that contain confidential information, such as credentials for various high profile applications," the two agencies cautioned.

"Androxgh0st malware also supports numerous functions capable of abusing the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, such as scanning and exploiting exposed credentials and application programming interfaces, and web shell deployment."

Upon successfully identifying and compromising AWS credentials on a vulnerable website, they've also tried creating new users and user policies.

Andoxgh0st operators use stolen credentials to spin up new AWS instances for scanning additional vulnerable targets across the Internet.

On a one-time basis for previously stored cloud credentials, and on an on-going basis for other types of credentials that cannot be removed, review any platforms or services that have credentials listed in the.

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