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Cloud security and functionality: Don’t settle for just one
2023-10-11 03:00

Which is why I'm pleased to announce that the Center for Internet Security has tested its CIS Hardened Images with two popular cloud services: Azure Update Manager and Amazon EC2 Image Builder.

Making sure the essentials are covered to help YOU. The CIS Hardened Images are virtual machine images that are pre-hardened to the security recommendations of the CIS Benchmarks.

Want to learn more about how CIS Hardened Images deliver security in the cloud? Check out our video below.

First, the cloud services we selected perform essential functions related to your use of virtual images.

Azure Update Manager enables you to monitor, manage, schedule, and implement updates for your Azure virtual machines, while EC2 Image Builder helps you automate the process of building a golden image in Amazon Web Services.

You can configure this recommendation manually by following the remediation instructions in the CIS Benchmark PDF, which will inhibit the functionality of Azure Update Manager with a CIS Linux Hardened Image.

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