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Ubuntu Pro now available on Amazon Web Services
2023-05-04 18:36

Canonical announced on Tuesday that Ubuntu Pro is available in a subscription-included model on Amazon Web Services.

With Ubuntu Pro on AWS, users can launch Ubuntu Pro on-demand instances and purchase Ubuntu Pro compute savings plans directly from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud console.

How to get Ubuntu Pro on AWS. If you want to get Ubuntu Pro on AWS, go to the Amazon EC2 console, select Launch An Instance and find the latest Ubuntu Pro 22.04 AMI in the Quick Start section.

Other Amazon EC2 subscription-included versions of Ubuntu Pro, such as Ubuntu Pro 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04, are now available in the AWS Marketplace and billed through Amazon EC2.

Benefits of Ubuntu Pro on AWS. With 10 years of enhanced common vulnerability and exposure patching, access to advanced compliance tools, and cryptographic packages necessary for those working with U.S. federal government agencies, enterprises and developers can benefit from Ubuntu Pro on AWS. "Overall, the benefits that come from Ubuntu Pro highlight security, provenance and control," said Carlos Bravo, cloud alliances director at Canonical.

If your company is already using Ubuntu on Amazon and you're wondering whether to upgrade, Ubuntu Pro has several upgrades that enhance DevSecOps, testing, deployment and maintenance.

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